5 BEST real estate scripts every agent needs

Women on phone reading real estate script

A real estate script is a pre-planned phone or text conversation designed to establish a connection with a possible buyer or seller. While you no doubt are a gifted conversationalist, having a solid real estate script in your back pocket gives you the confidence needed to establish a connection and achieve more results.

So we’ve come up with some tried-and-tested real estate scripts you can use in a few different situations.

But before you start calling or texting your real estate contacts, remember these tips:

A) Listen and watch: Getting a bad vibe? Make adjustments to your script based on the physical and verbal cues you receive

B) Offer value: Don’t just ask for an appointment or contact info, offer something valuable in return, like housing market data. (This is less time-consuming with technology like Market Snapshot® reports)

C) Make it your own: Real estate scripts are a great place to start, but they should sound like you. Add your personal touch to make your approach authentic.

The 5 real estate scripts every agent needs

#1. Real estate script for cold calling or door knocking

“Hi there! My name is Sophia, and I’m a realtor selling the home at [ADDRESS] down the street. Do you have a moment to talk about if you or anyone you know is interested in buying a home in your neighborhood?”

If they say no:

“I understand, choosing to sell your home is a big decision. Would you like to know when homes sell in your neighborhood and for what final price? I’d be happy to email you a monthly market report to keep you updated, and you can contact me if anyone you know is interested in making a move.”

If they say yes:

“Thanks for giving me a moment of your time. Like I mentioned, I’m helping the owners of [ADDRESS] sell their home, so I’m trying to meet their neighbors to see if you or anyone you know might be interested in learning more about the property. Would you be interested in coming to the open house on [DATE]? I can also leave you a couple of my [FLIERS/POSTCARDS/BUSINESS CARDS] to share with people.”

Why this works:

This very simple script is not pushy yet effective. It showcases your expertise, as you’re selling a home in the area. You’re also focusing on not just the person you’re talking to, but the neighbors in general.

#2. Real estate text message script for stale leads

Unlike the  script for new real estate leads, this will target opportunities from 3-6 months ago.

For Seller leads:

“Hi [first name], more homes just sold in your area. Want me to send a report that tells you what’s going on in your neighborhood?”

Buyer leads:

“Hi [first name]! New homes just hit the market I think you’ll love. Want me to set up a time for you to see them?”

Pro tip: Follow up with value! Send the Market Snapshot® report to show the buyers properties they’ll love and give the sellers an idea of what their home is worth.

Why this works:

You’re creating mystery because you’re not telling them which properties are for sale or the estimate of their home’s value yet. They’ll want to close the knowledge gap and reach out.

#3. Real estate call scripts for stale leads

Same group as above – but calling can make you $ faster!

Call script for listing leads

“Hi [first name]! I wanted to give you a quick call. A lot of homes have sold in your neighborhood and your home’s value has likely changed. I’m in the process of creating an updated neighborhood report for you, but have a couple quick questions before I can send it off. .”

Call script for buyer leads

“Hi [first name] I was doing some research for some clients and came across a beautiful property that made me think of you. Are you still in the market for a home, or have your needs changed?

Great! I’ll send over the info along with other homes that are available right now. Out of curiosity, what’s your new timeframe for purchasing?”

Why this works:

You’re showing potential clients that a) they’re important to you, and b) you remember their needs. You’re also activating the law of reciprocity: when you give someone something of value, like a home evaluation, they are more likely to give you their time and attention.

#4. Real estate call script for repeats & referrals

“Hi [first name]! I wanted to give you a quick call. A lot of homes have sold in your neighborhood, and sellers are getting good value for their homes, so I’m in the process of creating an updated neighborhood report for my clients. Do you know anyone who’s thinking of buying, selling or investing in real estate in the next 3 months that I can help?” Pause, then “Would they like to know the value of homes in their neighborhood?”

Why this works:

Besides creating mystery, you’re offering value to your past client, and their network. No one wants to hear from an agent who is only interested in their own commission. Plus, you’re subtly inviting them to indicate an interest in selling.

#5. Real estate call script for marketing referrals

Lots of agents buy leads and have a ton of old ones they haven’t been working. Ask other agents in your network if they have any stale leads you can follow up with:

“Hey [first name], do you have any leads from 6-12 months ago you’re not working? It must be hard to keep up with them all. I want to offer you something – I’m going to work them on your behalf and give you 25% of anything I close. Of course I’ll keep you informed of everything.”

If they say no, offer 30%, 40% or even 50%. You’re not paying for leads and won’t be out of pocket if nothing results.

Why this works:

First off, you’re offering your fellow agents a win-win, and more importantly, many leads can take months to transact. In 2016, the median time a buyer spent shopping for a home was 10 weeks.*

To make the most of any script conversation, consider using a CRM like Top Producer® CRM to take notes on specific leads. Beyond simply listening to your prospects it’s important to follow-up with relevant content and questions based on your notes!

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* National Association of REALTORS® Real Estate In A Digital Age 2017 Report