Basic Setup

Setup your own account
with the help of our online
guides and webinars.

Premium Setup

One of our Customer Success Specialists will help you set up the essentials and import your data.

Concierge Setup

A specialist will help set up your account, organize your database, and migrate your most relevant content.

Quick start guide
Quick start videos
Live webinars
Live chat & email support
One-on-one onboarding call
Data import (max 2 supported file types)
Contact & calendar sync setup
Lead provider setup (max 2)
Email integration setup
MLS integration setup
Texting setup
Team setup
Fivestreet/TPX Integration
Fivestreet lead provider setup (max 2)
Fivestreet team setup
Initial duplicate clean up
2 check-in calls (30 min ea.)
Database organization & pipeline setup
Email signature setup
Create task plans (max 5)
Create email and/or text templates (max 10)
Input important dates (max 10)
Create transactions (max 5)
Create Market Snapshot reports (max 3)
TP Website setup
TP Website domain setup
TP Website content migration (no HTML, 3 pages max)
TP Website & Market Snapshot landing page setup
Fivestreet lead forwarding setup
*Onboarding services must be used within 30 days of payment. All onboarding package fees are non-refundable.
All content for task plans and templates must be provided by the agent. Top Producer does not create custom content.
For assistance with Fivestreet, Market Snapshot, and Top Producer Websites, they will require a separate paid subscription.
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