2024 Real Estate Marketing Plan [+ ChatGPT Prompt, Scripts & Templates]

2024 Real Estate Marketing Plan

If you’re looking for a real estate marketing plan to help you take advantage of the 2024 housing market, then you’ll ❤️ this guide. From working real estate leads and your database, to farming best practices, we’ve got you covered. 

You’ll learn:  

Strategy #1: Work your database:

Strategy #2: The Short & Long Game of Lead Generation:

Plus download the guide for these additional free resources:  

  • ChatGPT Prompt to Create a 2024 Market Forecast Blog
  • Scripts for Past Clients & SOI
  • Templates/Scripts for Leads & Your Farm

So, let’s dive in, shall we? 

tp-bullet_transparent-1PRO TIP: Watch our recent webinar on this very topic to learn more about the key marketing strategies you need to succeed in 2024's market.

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trends-icon100 Things Are Looking Up for the Housing Market in 2024 

In late 2023, Bright MLS surveyed their members to see why some clients were unsuccessful in the current market. Rates, inventory and home prices topped the reasons why1.  

BrightMLS member survey

Source: Bright MLS Subscriber Survey, December 6 – 12, 2023

The good news is that experts are forecasting a better year, with the top 3 buyer concerns expected to improve. 🙌 

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Rates: Forecasted to go down – 6.8% on average, down to 6.5% by year’s end2.  

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Inventory: 13.5% more home sales expected in 20243

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Affordability: Home prices expected to remain unchanged, leading to slight improvement as wages go up4

Now that things are looking up, an effective marketing strategy that takes advantage of this shift will be key to crushing it this year. 💯


1-4Strategy #1: Work Your Database

Client communication is critical right now ️💬

Your past clients & SOI have questions & you can be their voice of expertise.

Client questions about the 2024 housing market

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIPS:

📅 Time block each week to make client communication a priority.    

👨‍🏫 Top Producer CRM has tools like the Follow-up Coach to help surface the contacts you should reach out to daily.  

Nurture & educate your past clients & SOI 🎓️

Here are just a few ways you can use technology to automate and reach many clients at once.

  • Market reports: Tools like Market Snapshot include branded market updates & live MLS sold data. 

MLS-Powered Market Reports

Branded Market Snapshot reports use live MLS data
including hard-to-find sold data

  • Email/text updates & check-ins: Set up a quick template in your CRM to touch more clients with less effort. Download the free guide for scripts & templates.
  • Blog posts: Write a quick blog explaining what's expected in 2024 & send via email to clients.

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: Use ChatGPT to create a blog outline and then just plug in data specific to today’s market (download the free guide for a prompt you can use). Also, to learn more about how to use ChatGPT in your daily business, check out our free ChatGPT for Real Estate Guide

Free ChatGPT Guide

2-Aug-10-2022-07-11-24-30-PMStrategy #2: The Short & Long Game of Lead Generation

The key to success in 2024 will be having as many conversations as you can 🗝️

An important piece of that puzzle is lead generation. 🧩 A 2-step approach helps ensure long-term success:  

  • Short Game: Fill your pipeline with a steady stream of leads from social media to talk to now.  
  • Long Game: Consistently provide value to your farm to become the go-to-expert over time.

The Short Game: Social Media ️🌐

One of the best places to get a steady stream of people to talk to is on social media. Here are a few reasons social media marketing should be a key part of your lead-gen strategy:

  1. It’s Where the Buyers Are: 96% of buyers use online tools during their search5.  
  2. Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional advertising methods, social media marketing is more cost-effective and offers a higher return on investment. 💰  
  3. Increased Visibility: Social media platforms offer a vast audience, enabling you to increase your visibility and reach potential clients who are actively searching for properties online.
  4. Engagement with Potential Clients: Directly engage with potential clients through comments, messages, and shares. This helps build trust and understand your audience's needs and preferences, leading to more personalized service and higher satisfaction rates. 

Social media is the short game in real estate marketing
tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIPS:

  • Use a Mix of Brand Awareness + Lead Gen: Highlight your active & sold listings but mix it up. Offer value, post about community events, etc. By blending content that raises brand awareness with direct lead generation efforts, you can keep your audience engaged while subtly guiding them down the sales funnel. Highlighting listings demonstrates capability, while sharing valuable information or local events positions you as a community expert.
  • Leverage Video Content: Video content, including virtual tours, live Q&A sessions, and educational pieces on the buying and selling process, can significantly enhance engagement on social media. Videos are more likely to be shared and can convey a lot of information quickly, making them an excellent tool for showcasing properties and your expertise. Using platforms like Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Facebook Live can also help you connect with your audience in a more direct and personal way.
  • Engage Regularly and Authentically: Consistent engagement with your followers is key to building a strong social media presence. Respond to comments, messages, and questions promptly to show that you value your audience. Authentic interactions, rather than purely promotional content, foster a sense of community and trust. Sharing behind-the-scenes content, personal insights into the real estate industry, and celebrating your clients’ successes (with their permission) can make your social media profiles more relatable and engaging.
  • Use Facebook & Instagram's native lead capture: Pre-filled forms make it easy for leads to express interest, which increases the likelihood of them taking that step. You’ll also get better quality contact info and phone numbers since the information is auto-filled based on the user's profile. 

Get real estate leads from Facebook and Instagram

Top Producer Social Connect combines Facebook lead capture with  
MLS-powered listing ads to generate affordable leads online. 


The Long Game: Dominate Your Farm 🚜 

Grow your listing pipeline with a tried-and-tested lead gen strategy. If you focus your marketing efforts on a specific area and provide consistent value, you'll become the go-to real estate expert and stay top-of-mind. Here are a few reasons why farming should be another key part of your lead-gen strategy:

  1. Cost Efficiency: By concentrating on a specific area, you can more effectively allocate your marketing budget. Targeted campaigns ensure that your resources are not wasted on broad, less effective marketing strategies, making each dollar spent more impactful.
  2. Build Strong Community Connections: Real estate farming allows you to immerse yourself within a community, fostering relationships with local businesses, schools, and community leaders. These connections can lead to referrals and insider information on upcoming listings or buyer needs, further establishing your presence and trust within the area. 
  3. Market Expertise: Specializing in a specific area enables you to accumulate in-depth knowledge of the local market trends, property values, and unique selling points of the neighborhood. This expertise allows you to provide valuable insights to buyers and sellers, making you an indispensable resource and significantly improving your closing rates. 

Real estate farming is the long game in real estate marketing

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIPS:

  • Find the perfect place to plant your seeds: Targeting an area with a 7-8% turnover rate ensures that there's enough movement within the market to warrant your investment, while keeping the area small enough (under 500 homes) allows for more personalized and focused marketing efforts, increasing the likelihood of your success.
  • Know your target audience: Understanding the demographic makeup of your target area allows you to tailor your messaging so that it resonates more deeply with the community's needs and values. This could mean highlighting family-friendly amenities for neighborhoods with young families or emphasizing walkability and local culture for areas with a younger, urban demographic.
  • Multi-channel marketing: Using a mix of both online and offline marketing strategies ensures that you reach a broader audience. Online ads can capture the tech-savvy and younger demographic, while print and email campaigns might be more effective with older residents who appreciate a tangible piece of mail or a more direct form of communication, thereby maximizing your visibility across different segments of your target market.
  • Use AI to Tell You Who’s Most Likely to Sell: Don't spend 95% of your budget mass marketing to people who aren't ready. Let AI take your farming to the next level by helping you consistently get in front of the top percentage of households most likely to sell in the next 12 months. 🤖 Smart Targeting uses powerful predictive marketing systems that can analyze data & local market trends to identify the triggers that lead to people selling their home. 

Smart Targeting uses AI & automated marketing to put real estate agents in front of their next seller

Smart Targeting uses predictive algorithms, data analytics and automated, multi-channel marketing to help put you in front of your next seller 


And that's all there is to it! With this customized real estate marketing plan, you'll be well on your way to succeeding in the 2024 real estate market! Plus don't forget to download the guide for additional free resources, including free scripts and templates and a ChatGPT prompt to create a blog on the current market. 👇

1 – Bright MLS
2 – Realtor.com
3, 4, 5 - National Association of Realtors® 

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2024 Real Estate Marketing Playbook: Secrets of Top Producers

+ ChatGPT Prompt, Scripts & Templates