Top Producer® CRM review from successful real estate team lead
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A Closing Coordinator’s thoughts on transaction management and Top Producer® X CRM
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Why Top Producer® X CRM and Market Snapshot® under one roof is a match made in heaven
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“It’s actually very easy”

Diana A. – August 13, 2022

It’s actually very easy and I don’t have to worry about someone (title, escrow, etc.) taking my clients information.

Source: Capterra

“1st thing I open in the morning”

Jacqueline R. – August 08, 2022

I like how I can keep everything in one place for clients, closings, expenses and follow up with past, current and current clients. I am pretty happy with the system and how it fits my needs.

Source: Capterra

“I like the CRM”

Jessie B., Broker – August 8, 2022

I like the CRM and all my contacts in one place. I also like the and Market Snapshot.

Source: Capterra

“Love how it links to Matrix, Google Calendar etc”

Peter A. – August 8, 2022

Very good onboarding lots of pre set marketing series, snapshot is a cool feature to use instead of a newsletter. Love how it links to Matrix, Google Calendar etc.

Source: Capterra

“I recommend this software”

Kevin J. – June 30, 2022

Great product! I recommend this software. I enjoy the ease of use with accessing and saving client details.

Source: Capterra

“Helps keep me on track”

Tiffany F. – June 08, 2022

It’s user friendly and helps keep me on track with my tasks & contacts.

Source: Capterra

“Evolves with the changing times”

Amy M. – June 6, 2022

Have used it for years now. This product is great. It has helped me for over 20 years. It evolves with the changing times and makes my life easier. Overall its a good product and when used diligently can be an excellent tool for business. It has helped me manage my business.

Source: SourceForge

“I have been hooked since forever!”

Carol G. – June 02, 2022

I have been using Top Producer as my CRM since TP5! It’s the easiest way to keep in touch with my past clients & leads. I will continue to use TP. I keep track of my listings/sales transactions. I can easily find a client’s record and can add notes so I can remember our last conversation.

Source: SourceForge

“Top Producer – your business in a box”

Linda B. – May 3, 2022

Your whole business is right in front of you – you can work on your business, not in your business. Believe you can work less and earn more with Top Producer the system once set up can be automated. I have been with Top Producer for a long time and just now understanding its value – it beats anything else out there for CRM’s in my opinion.

Source: SourceForge

“Could not be this successful without Top Producer”

Suzette P – Mar. 30, 2022

Great program. I have used Top Producer for over 25+ years! Great software to keep me organized with all my clients. It is a great way to keep track of my listings and closing and following up with all my clients. Perfect program to use in my Listing and Buyer presentation folders. Could not be this successful with out Top Producer. Great customer service and navigation to help me with creating my new web site. Wonderful way to manage your customer data base as well.

Source: SourceForge

“User-friendly, intuitive and well thought out”

Terri and Paul G. – Mar. 29, 2022

Been a customer since 1994. First buy in came with a Palm Pilot 🙂 This is a complete CRM that I have used for 28 years. It is user-friendly, intuitive and well thought out. It simply works. I don’t think it has any serious competitors. This is the best and most important money you will spend for your career

Source: G2 Crowd

“I could not be as productive without it”

Valerie R. – Mar. 23, 2022

I have been using TP for almost 20 years. I could not be as productive without it. I depend on the program everyday. I rely on this program for my day to day business especially the listing and closing plans that I have created for myself.

Source: SourceForge

“A foundational product in real esate”

Orly M. – May 10, 2022

Top Producer is a foundational product in real estate needed by all realtors. Top Producer helps track all your buyer / seller leads in one place. Helps with systems and reminders of what clients to follow up. Helps keep notes of what was last spoken etc. Amazing product. Other real estate professionals highly recommended the product and are not dissapointed with the choice. Highly recommend to anyone looking to keep all their clients in one place.

Source: Capterra

“Incredible – we didn’t have to be tech experts”

Benjamin K. – Dec 27, 2021

This product is really incredible – we didn’t have to be tech experts to set it up because the onboarding team at Top Producer was so amazing – they helped us every step of the way to make sure we were optimizing our use and continue to communicate with the team – answering questions and helping as needed. As for TPX itself – we love the interactivity level it gives us with our clients and our transactions – we’ve built our very robust transaction templates and WE DON’T MISS ANYTHING in the transaction processing – we also intentionally build relationships with the people who matter most.

Source: Capterra

“Recommended if your goal is to be a top agent”

Jeanette K. – Nov. 12, 2021

I like the interconnection. Manage listings connecting the listing parties. With one click, I can email one or more listing parties at the same time. When I delete emails from the box, they are still attached to the file. Notes added to the parties or the listing are in one place.

Source: G2 Crowd

“Totally satisfied with the service”

Deverlyn H – Feb. 02, 2021

I was totally satisfied with the service provided. Keep up the great service!

Source: Customer Survey

“I love Top Producer for my business!”

Hannah D. – Feb. 02, 2021

I have tried various different CRMs as a Realtor, and so far, Top Producer is the best fit for myself and my business. It has a really great layout for creating campaigns. I run an expireds campaign on it and it keeps me on track daily. Other CRMs just are not robust enough to do this.

Source: Capterra

“Fabulous service”

Linda S. – Feb. 02, 2021

Fabulous service. Thanks to your great staff of professionals

Source: Customer Survey

“Knowledgeable and speedy!”

Gloria F. – Jan. 15, 2021

Very friendly, knowledgeable and speedy!

Source: Customer Survey

“Highly recommend Top Producer!!!”

Kristin M. – Jan. 13, 2021

Top Producer has been around for a looooooooong time so they are in touch with the needs of Realtors! Also, their support is top-notch!! The original Top Producer feels outdated & clunky, but the new version is right on track!!! Our goal as a small team is to be able to do as much as our lead gen as possible inside of our CRM without having to go elsewhere and possibly get distracted. We LOVE the integrations with our Gmail AND our calendar plus the ability to text directly from a contact – we are able to be much better focused during lead gen without having to leave TP!

Source: G2 Crowd

“Very excited to give it a try!”

Allison S. – Jan. 05, 2021

I’ve been in the process of migrating to another CRM and was all set to terminate my TP account, but your customer care specialist Olivia did an outstanding job explaining the TPX platform. (I was still using 8i), and I’m very excited to give it a try! She’s an excellent asset to your team!

Source: Customer Survey

“Help staff are amazing!!!”

Marion C – Dec. 31, 2020

Absolutely as always your tech and help staff are amazing!!! Keep up the great work…I’ve been using TP for the best part of 30 years !!!

Source: Customer Survey

“Happy with your company”

Ibrahim A. – Dec. 29, 2020

Great service, happy with your company

Source: Customer Survey

“Totally Satisfied”

Ted S – Dec. 29, 2020

Totally satisfied to date.

Source: Customer Survey

“Best customer service in the industry”

Lynette E. – Dec. 24, 2020

You have what is probably the best customer service in the industry. I have contacted you numerous times over the years I have been a customer, and you have never failed to work with me until the problem is resolved. Sometimes it took more than one call.

Source: Customer Survey

“New wonderful features”

Francine B. – Dec. 15, 2020

The “X” is bringing along new wonderful features including integration with, MLS, Outlook and Gmail emails and social media – NEW FEATURES such as to text directly from contacts files, property insights, transaction management are simply wonderful and addressing today’s needs – is an ongoing process, still in beta version and the staff is dedicated to listen to our feedback and implement suggestions from seasoned veterans – very refreshing….

Source: Capterra

“Offers so much”

Fred D. – Dec 03 2020

This program offers so much. If you actually use all the features you can run a great business.

Source: Capterra

“Extremely helpful and informative”

Robert K. – Nov. 25, 2020

The gentleman I spoke with was extremely helpful and informative. He explained the issue thoroughly and fixed the problem. I really didn’t expect this kind of service late in the day before the US Thanksgiving. I was very impressed.

Source: Customer Survey

“Top Producer is exactly that!”

Linda H. – Nov. 05, 2020

Customer support is live and they take as much time as needed. If you’re looking for a site that is easy to maintain, the Top Producer is for you!

Source: G2 Crowd

“Easy to use and reliable”

Johnnie T. – Oct. 16, 2020

Hey! Use it! It’s a good program. You will be happy with it.Been using it for years. I call in frequently to get help. I’ve used it since DOS.

Source: G2 Crowd

“Actually goes into the inbox”

David H. – Oct. 10, 2020

I’m new user just getting started so I’m not familiar with many of the features yet. One feature that I loved is the other CRMs I used at least 50% of the emails I sent went to junk or spam folders making over half my communication never reach my clients. When testing Top Producer every email I send out of the CRM actually goes into the inbox.

Source: Capterra

“Easy to set up”

Johnnie T. – Oct. 10, 2020

The contacts are easy to import and easy to set up in the Top Producer X web version. I enjoy seeing my email conversations within the contacts. It is a good addition to my normal work environment, using Win10 touchscreen laptop. I keep Top Producer X as one tab open in a Chrome web browser alongside social media and property information throughout my working day. The layout makes it easy to update information and next steps for multiple clients and contacts.

Source: Capterra

“I enjoy using the system”

Tamara D. – Oct. 10, 2020

Looking up contact information and acting on it is now a joy. I need a method to manage contacts and record when I spoke to who about what. With Top Producer X, my contact information is organized and I enjoy using the system. Having an easy-to-navigate delightful CRM makes spending a few hours each day prospecting a lot easier.

Source: G2 Crowd

“Great Product”

Mark C. – Oct. 05, 2020

Great Product. It is not just easy use system, but a handy system for my job needs. I have only used it a short time and building my clients but from my experience so far it’s a great system and helpful for my business. Tech support is awesome to work with. Thank you for everything.

Source: Capterra

“Stay in front of potential clients effortlessly”

Katrina H – Sep. 29, 2020

SO much improvement in TPX. All of the new features that Realtors will use are now easy to find and easy to navigate. To be honest, I would get lost before, but with TPX, I will take some time to get to know it and TPX will be the CRM that I use. I’m now a RAVING FAN!! This will show you the last time you reached out to a potential client as well as allow you to save properties to their profile! (Property Insights). Give it a try! TPX plus Market Snapshot allows me to stay in front of potential clients effortlessly. I can go back and engage when I have a “computer day”! I anticipate that it will increase productivity. It has already made me aware of changes I need to make in my business.

Source: Capterra

“Happy member”

Guy C. – Sep. 09, 2020

Still a happy member of Top Producer since 1997

Source: Customer Survey

“Happy member”

Guy C. – Sept 09, 2020

Still a happy member of Top Producer since 1997

Source: Customer Survey

“Always recommend Top Producer”

Cathy B. – Aug. 06, 2020

I have been with Top Producer since 2.0.. Floppy discs and all. Always recommend Top Producer

Source: Customer Survey

“New System”

Susan H. – Jul. 27, 2020

Using new system. Glad you made changes to the old 8i! Thanks

Source: Customer Survey
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