Mastering Social Media Marketing for Real Estate: 2024 Edition [+ Post Ideas & Copy]

Mastering Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

If you’re looking to take your social media marketing real estate game to the next level in 2024, then you’ll ♥ this guide. You’ll learn advanced social media strategies, including how to leverage Instagram stories & Facebook Live. 

You’ll learn:  

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  • Social media post ideas
  • Accompanying post descriptions, complete with hashtags, you can copy & paste

tp-bullet_transparent-1PRO TIP: Watch our recent webinar on this very topic for more ideas to master social media marketing for real estate.

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🔮 2024 Real Estate Marketing Predictions 

From AI to VR and AR, there’s never a dull moment in real estate marketing. Here are some predictions for 2024. Implement one or more of these in the coming year to increase efficiency and stay on top of the latest technology trends. 

🤖 Continued use of AI & chatbots to handle routine tasks 

While ChatGPT can write listing descriptions, social media posts, blogs, scripts & more, it can also create personalized marketing campaigns: 

Get the chatbot to ask individual questions about how you do business (e.g. your marketing, messaging, areas you specialize in).   

Then ask for a marketing plan for your different audiences, including the different channels (social media, email, print, etc). Tweak as needed.   

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: Download our free ChatGPT guide for more on how to use the chatbot in your daily business and get 15 prompts you can use.  

ChatGPT for Real Estate Guide A TikTok Update

Don’t put all your eggs in the TikTok basket. basket-emoji Given recent government restrictions on the popular platform, it might be time to refocus your efforts.   

The RESTRICT Act, introduced in March of 2023, gives the Secretary of Commerce the authority to ban TikTok. 

As of November 2023, more than 2 dozen states have banned TikTok on government-issued devices.  
While the ban in Montana that would prevent TikTok from operating in the state was recently halted by a judge, the efforts to restrict TikTok access aren’t going anywhere.    

TikTok image

🥽 Increased Use of VR & AR to Take 360° Tours to Another Level 

Often available through a smartphone, VR & AR tours allow potential buyers to tour a property from the comfort of their own homes. 

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: Certain tools allow you to show upgrades in real time (for example, what a kitchen would look like with granite countertops). 


Example of using AR to design interior 

🎥 Content Marketing Remains King - With a Focus on Video 

Videos capture attention right away & help build trust with your audience—what you see is what you get.

And algorithms favor video and are becoming more interest based. 👨‍💻 So focusing on localized videos—businesses, amenities—will increase the chances your videos are shown to people in your target area. 

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: Think property tours, neighborhood guides, news & advice, and other content that showcases your expertise. 

Importance of Video in Real Estate Social Media Marketing🌐 Social Media Marketing 

Paid social media advertising and influencer collaborations will see a growing importance.

A strong digital presence will continue to be a must:  

  • 96% of buyers use online tools during their search  
  • 63% of agents use social media to promote listings
  • Social media marketing is affordable and you can easily expand your reach 

NAR technology study showing the importance of social media marketing for real estate

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: Solutions like Top Producer Social Connect combine Facebook lead capture with MLS-powered listing ads to generate a steady stream of real estate leads online. 

Get real estate leads from Facebook and Instagram

Social Connect offers done-for-you social media marketing + automated nurture to help you convert more leads


InstagramSocial Media Marketing: Real Estate Tips for Instagram

With 2 billion active monthly users1 and one of the highest engagement rates of any platform2, there's a lot of potential to build your brand on Instagram. Here are some best practices.

1-4Stop the Scroll – It’s All About the Images on Instagram 🖼️  

Here are a few tips to make your posts stand out:

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Use high-quality, beautiful images: It's the visual that's going to stop them mid-scroll.

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Be visually consistent: Make sure your imagery matches your brand.

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Experiment: Use a mix of single images, carousel and reels (short-form videos).

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Include Alt Text: Make your content more accessible and boost your Instagram SEO by including a text description of the image.

Looking for inspiration? Canva is a great free tool that includes tons of free templates. 

Canva is a great tool that includes free templates you can use for social media

Real estate post templates in Canva 

2-Aug-10-2022-07-11-24-30-PMScope Out Your Competitors 🕵 

Keep your friends close, your tech-savvy competitors closer. First, check out their content and see if yours is comparable. If not, up your content game. Once you’re confident your profile is just as good or better, follow their followers!

The result? You'll draw attention to your own profile, and since you took the time in step 1 to make sure your content is the bomb 💣 many of them will follow you back!  

Increasing engagement in social media posts for real estate

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: Periodically check your account and unfollow anyone who isn't following you back to unclog your feed & focus on those most interested in your business. 

3-4  Instagram Stories 📖 

58% of people are more interested in a brand after seeing it in Stories3. We're curious & don't want to miss what's being shared. FOMO + bite-sized content = a must-have part of your social media strategy. Some tips & ideas:  

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Stories = engagement. Post polls about the latest trends 🗳️, use the emoji slider to get people to rate your content. Post staging tips for sellers, drive people to your website to request a showing, the list goes on.

tp-bullet_transparent-1 They don't have to go poof after 24 hours. 👻 Save your best stories to Highlights to keep them on your profile. 


Source: Nicole Mickle 

FacebookSocial Media Marketing: Real Estate Tips for Facebook

With nearly 3 billion active users today4 and an average of 29.7 minutes spent per day5, Facebook is a part of our daily lives. Here are some tips to get the most out of this popular platform.

1-4Spark a Conversation by Going Live 💥

Going live on Facebook is free, interactive and engaging! Here are some ideas:  

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Content ideas: Answer common questions, interview a broker or economist for market insights, host a virtual open house, interview a home stager for staging tips.  

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Promote ahead of time: Send an email to your database, post on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Put phone on Do Not Disturb: If going live from your phone do this in advance to avoid interruptions. 

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Repurpose: Download & post to YouTube, transcribe & turn it into a blog post. Chop it up into bite-sized videos for Insta & TikTok. 


2-Aug-10-2022-07-11-24-30-PMIncrease Engagement ⭐ 

Regularly engaging and offering value will help you stand out.  Here are some best practices:

  • Respond to comments & messages to showcase your expertise and responsiveness 
  • Use relevant & trending hashtags
  • Find hashtags in your niche & like and comment on other people's posts to get your profile noticed
  • Host contests & giveaways to encourage people to interact with your page
  • Monitor Facebook Insights to see which content is performing & adjust your strategy

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: Partner with local influencers or people with a significant following in your target market. They can promote your listings or services to their engaged audience. 


3-4 Use Facebook Targeting 🎯 

Not all targeting is lost for Facebook ads. While Facebook applies additional targeting limitations to housing ads—location, age, gender, etc—these don't apply to tips related to home ownership or home buying. This is great news for your brand awareness campaigns! Target your audience to your ❤️'s content with educational and helpful ads to build your brand.

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: If you think your ad was incorrectly rejected, appeal it to request another review. 

Use Facebook targeting to get in front of home buyers and sellers
Special Ad Categories in Facebook

LinkedinDon’t Snooze on LinkedIn 💤

While Facebook and Instagram lead the pack in numbers, don’t forget about LinkedIn—it just quietly passed 1 billion users6. Here are a few reasons to invest time in this platform:

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Nurture professional relationships & expand your network, potentially leading to more referrals

tp-bullet_transparent-1 Integrated AI tools help you spend less time writing posts without even leaving the platform

tp-bullet_transparent-1 More than 50% of LinkedIn users are "high earners"7, which is higher than any other social network.  

linkedIn (2)

realestate-marketing-icons-UVP_90h Real Estate Agents Nailing It on Social Media

🎯 Jason Cassity 

Psst, remember when we said video + localized content = king? 👑 Jason does a great job of this on his Instagram account. He also tags the restaurants for shares + reach and encourages engagement by asking his audience for their 2 cents. See @jasoncassity for more. 

Example of Jason Cassity's Instagram

🎯 Chad Carroll 

Chad's profile features high-quality videos and images, complemented by captivating lifestyle visuals that have you imagining yourself on a Gulf beach or enjoying the view of downtown Miami. See @chadcarroll for more.  

Example of Chad Carroll's Instagram

🎯 Eric Simon 

Humor always wins, and so does consistency. “The key to surviving real estate.” 🔑  
While the Broke Agent is hilarious with its industry-specific memes, Eric said it was consistently posting to his feed & story every single day that helped him grow this account. See @thebrokeagent for more. 

Example of The Broke Agent's Instagram

And that's all there is to it! With these best practices you'll be well on your way to mastering real estate social media marketing in 2024. Plus don't forget to download the guide for additional free resources, including social media post ideas and accompanying descriptions, complete with hashtags, you can just copy & paste. 👇

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2 – Neil Patel 
3 - Instagram 
5 – Backlinko  
6 – TechCrunch 

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Mastering Social Media Marketing for Real Estate: 2024 Edition

+ Social Media Post Ideas & Descriptions