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Today I have seven hot leads from Social Connect—some are getting pre-approved, three were looking for homes. That’s seven potential deals from Social Connect in 5–6 months—deals that weren’t on the map before I signed up.


Edward Luna
StepStone Realty, LLC

How You’ll Grow Your Business With Social Connect:

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Get More Leads in Your Local Market

🔹 Consistently grow your contact database with a steady stream of real estate leads
🔹 Experts create and optimize social media ad campaigns on your behalf
🔹 Target consumers who’ve shown interest in real estate in your local market
🔹 Get a high volume of leads, fast—an average of 30+ leads/mo, starting within days of signing up
🔹 Leads are exclusive—never shared with other agents

Automatic Lead Nurture

Create Meaningful Connections With Automated Nurturing

🔹 Delight leads immediately: They promptly receive relevant real estate information
🔹 More channels, more chances to engage: Mix of texts, emails & calls increase connection
🔹 Become their go-to expert: MLS reports educate leads on your behalf
🔹 Build a relationship: Leads are automatically nurtured until they’re ready to connect

Manage Leads in Real Estate CRM

Convert More Leads With Top Producer’s All-in-One Platform

🔹 Leads are synced with Top Producer’s industry-leading CRM
🔹 Everything is tracked in a centralized location—a complete communication history, properties they've asked about & more
🔹 Lead insights from social media help personal outreach & create meaningful conversations
🔹 Syncs with your email & calendar to ensure you stay on top of everything
🔹 MLS integration allows you to pull relevant listing data with just a click
🔹 Transaction management tracks all your deals, plus automates & assigns tasks via workflows

Get More Leads With Social Connect!

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