4 Circle Prospecting Strategies to Get More Listings

Circle prospecting is a tried-and-tested real estate marketing strategy that zeroes in on a specific neighborhood, particularly around homes that have recently been listed or sold. From cold calling and door knocking, to direct mail or digital ads, the goal is to offer value regardless of whether they're looking to buy or sell. 

Circle prospecting is not just about spreading the word; it's about creating meaningful connections and showcasing your expertise in a specific area. It allows you to build your brand within a community and offer your success and knowledge.

Build your real estate brand with circle prospecting

Why Circle Prospecting is Effective

Circle prospecting is effective because of its highly-targeted approach. By focusing on a specific area, you can engage with homeowners who are likely to be interested in your message. This strategy leverages the natural curiosity homeowners have about the value of their property and the state of the local real estate market. It positions you as a valuable resource, providing insights and updates that homeowners might not easily find elsewhere.

How to Find Phone Numbers for Circle Prospecting

One effective way to gather phone numbers for circle prospecting is by leveraging public records and real estate data platforms. Many platforms compile public information, including phone numbers, from various sources such as property tax records, voter registration databases, and other public documents.

You can use these platforms to search for properties within your targeted area and extract contact information for homeowners. Always ensure to comply with local regulations and privacy laws when using personal contact information for business purposes.

tp-bullet_transparent-1PRO TIP: Tools like Slydial allow you to send your calls straight to voicemail, so you can leave a personal message when cold calling and only focus on the interested prospects that return your call.

Best Practices for Getting the Most out of Circle Prospecting

1-4 Use an Active or Sold Listing for-sale-tp60-3

Using an active or sold listing is a good idea for several reasons. First, if it's your listing, it provides tangible proof of your active involvement and success in the neighborhood. It's a direct indicator of your ability to handle transactions within that community. Second, it feeds into the neighbors' curiosity about the ongoing market trends, including listing prices and sale outcomes. By proactively offering this information, you're not just saving them time but also adding significant value, enhancing your appeal as the go-to real estate professional in the area.

Photo of a real estate agent in front of a new listing

2-Aug-10-2022-07-11-24-30-PMLimit Your Target Area 🗺️

When it comes to circle prospecting, less is more. The relevance of your efforts diminishes as you move further from the epicenter of the recent market activity. By keeping your focus narrow, targeting perhaps no more than 50 homes, you ensure that your message is relevant. This focused approach ensures that the homeowners you reach are those most likely to engage with the information you provide, making your prospecting efforts both effective and time-efficient.

Two women have a phone conversation

3-4 Use Multi-Channel Marketing for Best Results 🧮

Use a multi-channel strategy to maximize your reach and effectiveness. A balanced mix of online and offline channels ensures that you engage a broader spectrum of potential clients. Here's how you can diversify your approach:

  • Print Marketing: Use postcards, flyers, and door hangers to catch the eye of the neighborhood. These tangible materials can be particularly effective in areas where digital engagement may be lower.
  • Digital Ads: Leverage the power of the internet to target your selected area with precision. Digital ads can be customized to appeal directly to the interests and needs of the community you're targeting.
  • Email Campaigns: Sending out personalized email messages can help you build a direct relationship with potential clients. These campaigns allow you to provide valuable market insights and keep your audience engaged.
  • Hand-Written Notes: In an increasingly digital world, the personal touch of a hand-written note can make a significant impact. This gesture shows your dedication and personal investment in serving the community.

tp-bullet_transparent-1 PRO TIP: Tools like Smart Targeting offer AI-powered farming and handle all of the marketing for you so you can focus on building relationships.

Smart Targeting's multi-channel marketing campaign

Smart Targeting's multi-channel marketing campaign

4-2Consistent Follow-up is Key 🗝️

Persistence is key in real estate, and follow-up is where many opportunities are won or lost. After initiating contact through circle prospecting, regularly providing value will help you stay top-of-mind. Tools like Market Snapshot allow you to send branded market reports and sold alerts when homes sell in a specified area. This not only reinforces your position as a knowledgeable agent, but also ensures that when the homeowners are ready to make a move, you're the first person they think of.

Market Snapshot and MLS-powered listing alerts

Market Snapshot reports use live MLS data, allowing you to
share hard-to-find sold data.

Circle prospecting is a powerful real estate marketing strategy. By implementing these tips and maintaining a consistent, value-driven outreach, you can effectively grow your network, establish your brand, and, ultimately, close more deals. 💰