Smart Real Estate Farming – Powered by AI

When it comes to real estate farming, it’s tough to know who your target audience is. So, you spend 95% of your budget mass marketing to people that aren’t going to sell soon in the hopes of finding a handful of potential sellers.  

Smart Real Estate Farming Solution with AI

But what if there was a way to consistently get in front of the top 20% of households most likely to sell in the next 12 months? You’d save time and money, and with 82% of sellers listing with the first agent they speak to1, we’d venture to say you’d land a lot more listings too. 😉 

Smart Targeting helps you dominate your real estate farm 

From advanced predictive analytics that tell you who is most likely to sell, to the mailers and Facebook ads that consistently get you in front of the right people, real estate farming is about to get a lot easier.  

How Smart Targeting helps you dominate your real estate farm

How Smart Targeting helps you get better ROI from your farming efforts

Sounds good, right? Here’s how it works. 


1) Define your farm area & we’ll tell you who’s most likely to sell 🔮 

A powerful predictive marketing system analyzes a ton of data and local market trends on every home in the area to identify the triggers that lead to people selling their home.  

We look at every person that’s listed in the last 20 years and 2000 attributes to see what they had in common, such as:  

  • Where did they work 
  • Were they married or divorced 
  • How many kids do they have  
  • How long did they live there 
  • How much equity was in the home, etc 

From that we determine why people have listed in the past to use that info to predict what’s going to happen today. 🧞 


2) A personalized multi-channel marketing campaign with your name and branding 🚀 

Once we determine the top 20% that are likely to list soon, a marketing campaign kicks in to get your brand consistently in front of your top prospects.  

All of the marketing is done for you, including:  

  • Online ads 
  • Email marketing 
  • Postcards 
  • Handwritten letters 

With this consistent and varied approach to marketing, you’ll rest easy knowing your brand is in front of the right people.  

Smart Targeting's marketing dashboard so you're in-the-know

Smart Targeting’s marketing dashboard tells you what’s going on with your marketing 


3) Automate follow-up for your new incoming leads  

When leads inevitably start to respond to your marketing, they’ll be directed to landing pages designed to convert seller leads. 

Smart Targeting's landing pages for prospects

Example of Smart Targeting landing pages for prospects  

Once they submit their contact info, they’ll receive the following to move them through your pipeline:  

  • Comparative market analysis (CMA) 
  • Monthly local trends report, and more 


4) Stay organized & track your results 📈 

As more leads come your way, it’s more important than ever to stay organized and on track.  

With the check-in feature, you’ll be quickly alerted of new leads and what’s most important today. And you can schedule and automate your follow-ups while you’re on the go so no leads slip through the cracks. 

Smart Targeting's check-in feature so you know what needs attention

Smart Targeting’s check-in feature tells you what needs attention now 

And tracking results and measuring success is easy with a simple dashboard that lets you keep tabs on things like lead conversion, marketing impressions, prediction results and more. 


5) Grow your listing pipeline and put up more For Sale signs! 🏡 

With Smart Targeting, you’ll spend less time chasing down unlikely deals and more time talking to real potential sellers and filling your listing pipeline. So you can focus on what you do best—building relationships and helping people buy/sell their largest asset. For more on real estate farming tips, see our Ultimate real estate farm guide.


1 – NAR 2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers