5 real estate drip campaigns you need in your business

You know that the average lead isn’t ready to buy or sell right away. You also know that your past clients need to hear from you on a consistent basis in order to increase your repeat & referral business. But how do you stay in touch with all these people and not forget about them? A good real estate drip campaign will prevent clients from slipping through the cracks and keep you top-of-mind until they’re ready to buy or sell. 

But before we get into the 5 campaigns you need for your business, let’s cover a few quick best practices.  

Top tips for effective real estate drip campaigns 

 Be consistent: Whether you’re dealing with new leads or past clients, persistence pays off. If you provide value on a consistent basis, you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to buy or sell. 

 Provide value: Everything you send should be of value to your contacts—not you. If it’s too promotional, severing the relationship is usually just a delete button or unsubscribe link away. 

  Make it personal: You’re more likely to make a connection with a personal message. Send info related to the neighborhood they just moved in to, and use merge codes in your automatic messages. 

 Don’t rely on email and texting: Drip email and text plans are an easy way to stay in touch. If you really want to stand out though, make sure you’re touching base with calls and visits too. Get to know leads on a personal level and check in with past clients once a year to find out what’s new. 

A good drip campaign will help you do all these 4 things and more. Here are a few you’ll want to start with.

5 must-have drip campaigns for your business 

Market reports with real-time listing alerts 

Sending a quality market report on a regular basis just may be one of the most effective real estate drip campaigns out there. You provide valuable info on the real estate market and establish yourself as a trusted pro in their area of interest.  

Market reports are an effective real estate drip campaign 

And the best part? This plan works for all stages of the client lifecycle:  

Market reports work for all client stages

Past client after-sale follow-up plan

You work hard to build your clients’ trust; don’t let that relationship go to waste. A12-month plan that can be applied to a client after closing is a simple and effective way to keep in touch. Here’s an example:  

Sphere of influence plan

Your sphere needs to be reminded of what you do for a living. Check in semi-regularly to chat about the market, discuss new local hotspots and sign up for a market report. Here’s a 12-month plan for your sphere:  

Sphere real estate drip campaign

Buyer & seller prospect plans

For those buyer and seller leads that aren’t ready yet, nurture them with a 12-month plan you can set and forget:  

Buyer and seller real estate drip campaign

Non-responsive lead plan

An effective plan for non-responsive leads can help save you time, declutter your pipeline and raise your response rate. Here’s an example of a 1-month plan: 

Non-responsive lead drip campaign

 Real estate is first and foremost a relationship business, and one surefire way to focus more on them is to use technology to automate certain tasks.  

And Top Producer® solutions make it easier than ever to stay in touch and track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. With tried and tested drip campaigns and templates, to all the intel on who’s opening what and when, we’ve got you covered. 

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