Market Snapshot®

With Market Snapshot® Reports now installed in Top Producer® X, you and your clients receive timely information about for-sale properties, new listings, price changes, neighborhood trends, and sold data.
Your new answer to “How’s the market?” !

Send real-time just listed-just sold-price reduction alerts
Keep home buyers & sellers informed on market changes Previous
Deliver email marketing
Create, monitor and track your reports with ease
Capture leads from your social media

Automated email marketing that clients

Market Snapshot® reports are your go-to email marketing solution that stands out in inboxes, delivers valuable content, and can differentiate you from other agents in your area.

Automated email marketing that clients
Automatically send real-time

Automatically send real-time reports to new leads or schedule regular delivery for long-term follow-up

Improve your email campaigns

Improve your email campaigns with low spam and high open rates

Real estate follow up email

Stay top-of-mind with homeowners (potential sellers!)

Keep homebuyers and sellers informed

Keep homebuyers and sellers informed with hard-to-find MLS data (including SOLD data)

Get insights

Get insights into who’s opening and reading your emails

Stay in touch longer with unmatched service

Be the first to source a listing as Market Snapshot® reports checks the MLS 24 hours a day to update your buyers, sellers and contacts on any relevant activity. Each report also offers your client advanced search, live refresh, listing details, and important local information that’s easy to access on mobile, desktop or any browser. Keep buyers searching with you as the neighborhood expert!

Market Snapshot reports

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