How To: Craft An Engaging Real Estate Email

An engaging real estate email is often sent as a newsletter to potential leads. Email is here to stay, and is arguably the most essential real estate marketing tool. Real estate email marketing is a powerful way to engage, inform, entertain, and most importantly, connect agents to buyers and sellers. There are many creative ways to craft an engaging real estate email that results in high open rates and encourages traffic to your website. Here are a few tips to include in your real estate email marketing campaigns:Creating “how-to” posts can draw in your audience to topics they may be curious about pertaining to the real estate world. This can include a “how-to” on determining if an open house has what you need, or even how to balance finances upon becoming a homeowner. Options for these types of emails are endless, and are an informative way to engage your audience and keep them reading.How’s the market doing? Educate your audience on market reports by compiling lists from verified resources on market trends, data, and housing statistics. This information is vital to the audience who is actively looking for homes. Your audience may need the help of an educated real estate agent, and who is better than you as a well-informed agent to provide this information to them.Trust is established when you’ve built rapport with your audience. Introduce your audience to your past clients with their encouraging testimonials on how you have helped them find their perfect home. This real estate email marketing tactic is crucial to your audience who wants to make sure they are going with a reliable real estate agent.


Hi [client name],

I drove past [address of house] yesterday and thought of you.  I feel so good about your move and hope you’re enjoying your new home.

I have a small favour to ask you. I’m looking to collect testimonials from clients I’ve worked with. Would you mind taking a few minutes to write one on my [Link to platform of your choosing] page? You can go into as much or as little detail as you like, perhaps you could share [provide an example you’d like to see on your reviews]! Any detail from your experience working with me would be appreciated.

Let me know what you think. Thanks, [client name]!

Best,Gift your audience with words of advice in your real estate newsletter. This advice can range from determining the best price for selling a home, whether they should buy or rent a home, selecting the best home insurance, and selecting the best moving company, amongst so many other topics. These kinds of emails can be informative and have your audience reaching out to you for more of your professional advice as a real estate agent. 

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