Tips for making that all-important connection

There are a few reasons why we collect success stories from our customers, all of which come down to inspiration and connection. We hope that hearing others’ stories inspires you to reach out to your clients and spread the Heart, because when you do, you’ll get it back tenfold.

No one understands this better than our latest winner—Leah Goldstein.

Leah’s a successful agent with Ebby Halliday Realtors in Dallas, Texas. She’s been in the real estate game for 20 years and has been using Top Producer® CRM for each and every one of those years. (Thank you for your loyalty, Leah!)

“I can’t imagine trying to run my business using a spreadsheet. My marketing, my daily transaction details and regular contact with clients – nothing I’ve seen can manage all of it better than the Top Producer® suite.”

We had the pleasure of speaking with Leah and three things really stood out—her ingenious ways to use our products, the camaraderie she encourages with her fellow agents and the loyalty and respect she has for her clients. Leah knows that it’s the little details—the little things you do—that go a long way with people.

And with just over $5.2M in sales last year, I’d say she has this down to a perfect art.

“My relationships with my clients are of the utmost importance to me. I have about 150 past & current clients in my sphere of influence. Not a huge number, but I’ve been able to help 30-40% of them with multiple transactions.”

Here’s how she does it

Leah knows the importance of staying in touch and just how valuable the Follow-up Coach is, so her goal is to incorporate it into her daily business. She even set a reminder in My Business to visit the Coach each day & moved it up the ladder on her home page. (Smart move.)

General reconnect

She also uses our quick email templates—‘Did you receive your neighborhood report’ & ‘General reconnect’—all the time and gets a great response rate from both. She tweaks them first and then sends from her mobile device so she’s automatically prompted to record details and schedule the next follow-up.

Facebook Live sessions

We asked Leah for her top new-user tips, but even the most seasoned veteran will benefit from her sage advice. Being a loyal listener of our weekly Facebook Live sessions, Leah has tips aplenty, but she quickly narrowed it down to these 2.

Tip #1: Get personal and enter your important dates

House anniversaries, graduations, birthdays—anything annual & meaningful—Leah is all over it. She uses the important dates feature heavily in Top Producer® CRM. She just enters the date in the contact’s record and then forgets about it. 7 days before the event, she’s prompted to follow up in My Business.

where to send the card

She then views the contact > notes the occasion > and where to send the card. She doesn’t stop there though. Leah then wraps it up by recording the details and setting a follow-up reminder on the actual day. Then, on the day of, she posts a message on their Facebook page or sends a private message depending on the client’s preference. (Didn’t I say she was good?)

Bonus tip

Bonus tip: Along with a birthday card, Leah sends a gift card for Starbucks, frozen yogurt, iTunes or Amazon. People really appreciate it, and when you do it for their kids, they don’t forget it. (As a mama bear myself, I can tell you she’s right.)

Tip #2: Utilize Market Snapshot and sign everyone and their dog up for it

Leah’s an avid fan of the snapshot because she knows the sheer power of it. In fact, she’s had clients jump on selling their house because of the Market Snapshot. (If that’s not effective marketing, I don’t know what is.) She’s had clients say:

“If you can sell my house for that much, bring your For Sale sign.”

Now, Leah doesn’t just stop at signing everyone up for a Market Snapshot. She kicks this up a notch by assigning the ‘Market Snapshot’ contact type she created anytime she signs someone up.

So she sends a Market Snapshot > then, from the contact record, assigns the Market Snapshot contact type and action plan (as shown below).

Market Snapshot

So then, when she has downtime in her office, she can search for those that don’t have a Market Snapshot and sign them up for 1. (How smart is that?!)

reconnect contest

Well that’s it for now folks, but a big congrats to Leah for winning the #reconnect contest! We wish her all the best in her amazing career, and thank her for allowing us to be a part of it.

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