3 habits of successful real estate agents

While setting lofty goals plays a role in achieving success, it’s the small daily habits we commit to—the things we do day in and day out—that can ultimately determine whether we’ll be successful.

After working with many successful real estate agents over the years, we’ve noticed some daily habits they all have in common. Here are 3 things you can do to help provide superior service before, during & after the transaction – watch the video or read on for more info.

3 things successful real estate agents do daily to provide superior service

Keep really good records

Not only will complete records help you provide first-class service to your clients, you’ll also have the details important to your business—client info, transactions, etc—carefully tracked in your CRM. It pays to think ahead in real estate and consider your exit strategy:

“You have to think like a business owner. If you don’t have a record of your business – you don’t have one.”

Michael Price
Keller Williams Realty

3 daily habits for good records: 

  • Every time you meet someone, put them in Top Producer® X CRM.
  • Enter important dates—property anniversaries, birthdays, etc—so you can reach out on the day of.
  • Whenever you speak with a client, record details by entering notes:

Successful real estate agents keep really good records

Spend 30 minutes a day on follow-up

In real estate, the gold is in the follow-up. Repeats and referrals are critical to your success in real estate. Most homebuyers (53%)—and even more home sellers (66%)—find their agent through friends and neighbors, or use an agent they used in the past.1

3 daily habits for follow-up in Top Producer® X CRM:

Successful real estate agents spend time on follow-up

Put a system in place to manage leads

You get leads from a ton of different sources & need to reply immediately with details to make a great first impression. A system can help you manage all of that more effectively.

Daily habits to manage your leads: 

Successful real estate agents have a process for managing leads

  • Record details after each interaction – change their contact status and schedule a follow-up.
  • Consistently follow up – here’s a simple strategy for leads:

Follow-up strategy for successful real estate agents

If you implement some of these habits into your daily routine and stick with them, you’ll reap the benefits in the future!

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1 – National Association of REALTORS® 2019 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers