Top Producer® X CRM: Following up With Your Contacts

Okay, so you know that consistent communication with core groups is key to achieve repeat business and referrals, but you’re busy. We get it! Coming up with a system that can help you reach out to just a few a day would help, right? That’s what we’ve done!

Each day we’ll give you 5 clients you should connect with and suggest actions based on your relationship. All the details are right in front of you, so follow-up is a snap, and when you’re done, just wrap it up and schedule the next touchpoint! If you try to follow up with just 5 a day, you’ll reap the benefits later!

What Does Follow-up Coach Do?

Each day our system selects 5 contacts in need of follow up and suggests them to you under the Follow-up tab on the Contacts page.

Take a few minutes each day to reach out to the these contacts and you’ll be surprised how much difference regular follow-up will make to your business.

How Does It Work?

  1. Go to Contacts > Follow-up Coach to see your follow-up contacts.
  2. Click on the contact or the Follow up button to open the contact record.
  3. Call the customer, send them a text, email, market snapshot or schedule an task.
  4. Once done, click Mark Done.

  5. On the Wrap up popup, change the contact’s status, add notes, and schedule a follow-up as desired.
  6. Click Save Wrap Up to complete the wrap up.

How many contacts should I follow up on in a day?

As many as you’d like. We suggest at least 5 per day. Click Skip to skip any contacts you don’t want to contact. Click Refresh List to get new suggestions.

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