Top Producer X FAQ’s

Have you heard the buzz about a new Top Producer® CRM? It’s true, we’re launching our next-generation CRM, Top Producer® X, and naturally our loyal customers have questions!

First things first, Top Producer® 8i is NOT going away! To make sure there are no other misunderstandings, we gathered the most frequently-asked questions to explain exactly what will happen as Top Producer® X launches.

What is Top Producer® X and how do I access it?

Top Producer® X is the next generation of our CRM that’s currently in beta. If you’re a current Top Producer® 8i user, you can log in with your 8i username and password at New features and improvements continue to be added to Top Producer® X, so you’ll see significant improvement over time.

When will Top Producer® X be live?

Our official launch is very, very soon! Join our Top Producer® Facebook group to stay in the loop!

How do I upgrade to Top Producer® X?

Upgrading will not be required! The information you have in Top Producer® 8i is already available to you in Top Producer® X, so you just need to log in at Going forward, any changes you make in Top Producer® X will also be reflected in Top Producer® 8i and vice versa.

What features will we see next in Top Producer® X? 

Good question. Here is what’s to come:

  • Email integration! Here’s a sneak peek:
  • Calendar integration
  • Additional search filters
  • Mobile-optimized
  • And much, much more!

Do I have to switch to Top Producer® X and what’s going to happen to Top Producer® 8i?

Top Producer® 8i is not going away! If you’re a current Top Producer® 8i user, you can choose to continue with the system you love. Top Producer® X will be ready and waiting for you should you choose to make the switch.

Why aren’t all of the features of Top Producer® 8i available in Top Producer® X?

Great question! Top Producer® X offers dozens of new features while still providing a simple, streamlined interface that focuses on the tools utilized most in day-to-day real estate. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a Top Producer® 8i feature like mailouts, you can still log in to perform that action.

Will the subscription cost be affected with the addition of Top Producer® X?

If you’re an existing Top Producer® Classic (8i) user, there’s no charge to upgrade. Top Producer® X CRM is already included in the cost of your subscription.

Are there video tutorials available on how to use Top Producer® X?

Great idea! Since Top Producer® X is still in beta, we don’t have any video tutorials yet, but we will when we officially release!

How can I submit suggestions or feedback for Top Producer® X?

We’d love your feedback! Join our Facebook group and tell us what you think, or you can click the “Feedback” button in the bottom left corner of Top Producer® X.

New to Top Producer®?

Get a free demonstration of Top Producer® X or Top Producer® 8i by calling 1.855.534.5534 or filling in this form.

Excited about Top Producer® X and want to check it out? We your enthusiasm! Existing users can log in with their 8i username and password.

And if you don’t yet have Top Producer® and want to learn more, give us a call at 1.855.534.5534!