3 steps to warm up cold real estate leads

It’s happened to all of us—a lead asked about a property and you did everything right. From the personalized response within 2 minutes, to the call where you wowed them with your neighborhood knowledge, you made a great first impression. But when you go to set up the meeting, you get nothing but crickets.

No doubt your database contains some cold leads, but giving up on them could cost you money down the road. You never know how many deals you could get by simply re-engaging and warming them up, so why not take a few minutes to send a market report for the area they’re interested in?

Here are 3 quick steps to warm up cold real estate leads – watch the video and read on for more info:

From cold to toasty in just 3 steps

From finding the leads, to what to send and the templates to follow up with, this couldn’t get easier.

Find them
Set a follow-up reminder on the New tab in your Sales Pipeline, then focus on those in red. (Just click the New tab > then Add Follow-Up Reminder to enter the number of days.)

How to find the cold leads

Warm them up & send value
Now that you’ve found them, warm them up. Send the ‘warm-up’ email template and then follow up with a Market Snapshot® report to tell them market stats, what the neighbor’s house just sold for, and the walkability and school ratings.

From their record, click the Emails tab > Compose Email. In the bottom right, click the Template / snippet  icon > then select Market Snapshot warm-up email.

Warm up cold real estate leads by sending value

Next, send a Market Snapshot® report by clicking the Snapshot Reports tab > Send Snapshot and filling in a few details.

Connect your email marketing to your phone call prospecting
When you connect your email marketing to your phone call prospecting, the effectiveness of both shoot through the roof. After you send the snapshot, schedule a follow-up call for a couple of days later.

From their record, click the Tasks tab > Add Task and schedule a follow-up call for 2 days later.

Schedule a follow-up to warm up cold real estate leads

Pro tip: Before you call, look to see if they’ve viewed the snapshot. (From the contact record, just click the Snapshot Reports tab > then click the report to see opens, clicks and how many times they viewed the report.)

Use technology to get intel to help you warm up cold real estate leads

And the Follow-up Coach has your back by bubbling up any non-lookers a few days after you send a snapshot.

Use the Follow-up Coach to help you warm up cold real estate leads

Pro tip: If you don’t want to pick up the phone, just send the ‘Did you receive the Market Snapshot’ email template.

And that’s all there is to it! With this set-it-and-forget-it method, you’re sure to warm up cold real estate leads.

Log in to Top Producer® CRM now and warm up your cold leads.

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