The simple script to connect with your sphere on Facebook

The holidays have come and gone (sniff), but the ideas from our record-breaking webinar in December—the 12 Days of Chris Smith—can be put into action year-round! Over the next few days we’ll share how easy it is to implement Chris’ first 4 marketing tips, starting with tip #1: Reach out on Facebook Messenger.

Let’s pause for a 2-second self-check

When it comes to identifying sellers, do you overlook your biggest source of listings and referrals—your sphere? If the answer is yes, don’t fret. Chris suggests hopping on to Facebook Messenger so you can chat live with the potential sellers who already know, trust and like you.

Here’s how to do it

1. Log in to Facebook Messenger and find someone who is logged on right now (look for the green dot). Say that you’re working on a quick project and ask if they have a second to chat:

Connecting with your real estate sphere on Facebook

2. Then copy and paste this message into the chat box for anyone else that’s online: Hey, I'm working on a quick project. Have a second to chat?

3. When someone says yes (and they will), ask if you can call them quickly. On the call ask:


Ask if they’ve checked out online valuations and thought they seemed too low or too high. Get them talking, then offer to send them a free tool so they can keep track of how their biggest investment is performing.

Top Producer® customer? Don't forget to wrap up the call

Don’t forget to wrap up the call in Top Producer® CRM. If you speak to 5 friends today, you may not remember what they said about their selling motivation and timeline in a few weeks so this is an easy way to keep your notes in one place. Oh, and you can schedule the next follow-up based on their timeline too.

Wrapping up a phone call in Top Producer CRM

And if you have Market Snapshot, there’s no more perfect way to follow up this conversation! Based on where they are in the lifecycle, send them a weekly, monthly or quarterly snapshot.

Market Snapshot reports that work for all stages of the client lifecycle

And that’s all there is to it!

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