The three ingredients of long-term success for real estate agents

You do a lot to service your current clients. You help people buy or sell what is likely their largest asset, and you don’t take that lightly. From the appointments you show up early for and the guidance you share, to the marketing that makes their home stand out from the rest, and the killer negotiation skills you use to make sure they come out on top, you would move mountains for your clients.

And it’s no wonder that with that dedication, at times, other aspects of the business may get neglected. It’s not easy managing a real estate business, but when you consider the lifetime value of a real estate client, you’ll be more inclined to remember the other things that need your attention.

If you break it down and get back to the basics, there really are just three key aspects of your business you need to focus on. And if you do your best to spend some time on each, you’ll have a recipe for success. Watch the video and read on for a few tips to help you do just that.

 Build your real estate business

 Just make the call.

Don’t avoid your sales calls; what’s the worst thing that can happen if you call and say ‘hi’? Those leads don’t convert themselves.

Networking is about give and take.

You probably give out a lot of business cards, and that’s great. But where do you think most of those cards end up? The garbage (or hopefully the recycling). When you’re networking, focus on what you can give (advice, business cards) AND what you can take (names, contact info). And don’t forget to put the info you take into your CRM!

Always be capturing. 

Don’t let any opportunity pass you by. Make sure your website, social media accounts, even your open houses are set up to help you capture leads, and send them straight into your CRM for follow-up.

 Service your current clients

Record EVERYTHING in your CRM; your memory will thank you later.

Your CRM can store more than just names and addresses; keep track of transaction details, key dates, where the kids go to school and what the dog’s name is. When you follow up on the anniversary of closing, your clients will be more than impressed.

Remember that you don’t close a sale, you open a relationship.

If you invest the time needed to follow up, this trusted relationship can lead to repeat and referral business for many years to come. So do what you have to in order to stay in touch when the deal is done. Your CRM should have your back and make client follow-up a snap. From telling you who to connect with and when, to providing quick follow-up options, you should expect no less.

 Nurture your past clients & sphere

Send relevant, useful content.

Everything you send should be of value to your contacts—not you. If it’s too promotional, severing the relationship is usually just a delete button or unsubscribe link away.

Be consistent.

Whether you’re dealing with new leads or past clients, persistence pays off. If you provide value on a consistent basis, you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to buy or sell.

Schedule your business.

Make client follow-up a priority by blocking out time on your calendar each week.

Now you likely have other ideas on how to build your business, nurture clients and provide great service, and that’s great! All that matters is that you focus on these three key areas, and when you do, you’ll be well on your way to unimaginable success.

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