Real estate text message marketing 101 [Free templates + infographic]

In an industry where timing is everything, text messaging can play a crucial role in your marketing and communication efforts. From immediate responses to online leads, to telling your top clients the 2-story craftsman they’ve been eyeing is finally on the market, time is of the essence in real estate. ⏱️ 

And with over 90% of text messages read in 90 seconds1, it just makes sense to make text messaging part of your overall strategy.   


Why text message marketing is king 👑

Not as intrusive as a phone call, and not swimming in a sea of emails, it’s easy to see why texting is the communication method preferred by many.    

Infographic showing the power of SMS Marketing


But don’t jump ship on other methods 🚢 

Sure, text messages have higher open, click-through and conversion rates than email for example, but email is still an effective channel for your marketing campaigns. SMS and email have their own strengths, so you’ll want to decide which channel to use on a campaign-by-campaign basis.  

SMS works well for things like time-based offers when you have a short message to communicate and want to connect immediately.  

Email campaigns, on the other hand, are a lot more customizable and typically cost a lot less, so consider using this channel when you want to include links, attachments and images. 


Using text message marketing in real estate + templates 

📈 Convert more leads 

When it comes to online leads, you want to respond within 5 minutes or less and follow up consistently at specific times. A good CRM can help you do that and more. Send all of your leads automatically to your CRM and auto-apply a plan so the majority of follow-up is taken care of for you.  

For example, the Lead Response plan in Top Producer CRM sends carefully crafted messages at specific times, using a variety of contact methods to increase your chances of connecting with a lead. 

Example of Lead Response plan in Top Producer CRM

Day 1 of the Lead Response plan in Top Producer CRM 


And SMS marketing isn’t just for new leads—warm up cold leads with a simple text. Here’s a template you can use for seller leads:  

Example of a text template in Top Producer CRM you can use to warm up cold leads

Example of a text template for cold seller leads in Top Producer CRM 


🏘️ Add short codes to your marketing materials 

Companies like EZTexting allow you to add 5 or 6 digit numbers to your lawn signs, flyers and more so people can request more info about a property. 

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Communicate one-on-one with your clients 

From just checking in, to birthday and home anniversary wishes, sending a quick text message to your past clients is a great way to stay in touch and top-of-mind.   

Example of a past client check-in text template in Top Producer CRM

Example of the check-in text template for past clients in Top Producer CRM 

And if you text from within Top Producer CRM, conversations are conveniently stored in client records, so a complete communication history is at your fingertips.   

💬 Use text templates to save time  

Some CRMs today come with text templates for different real estate scenarios. Save the most common texts you send as templates for quicker sending or send a pre-written template to send a message in less than a minute.    

Example of a text template in Top Producer CRM 

Example of a text template in Top Producer CRM 


🎁 6 templates under the 160-character limit  

Here are some basic templates you can copy and paste or tweak to match your sparkling personality. 💎  

What’s your timeframe? 

Hi <name>, just following up about your <source> inquiry. Any questions about <address>, and when are you looking to move? [agent name] 

Any questions?  

Hi <name>, I received your property inquiry from <source>. Do you have any questions about <address>? Thanks, [agent name] 

When can I call? 

Hi <name>, I got your inquiry on <source>. When can I give you a call to discuss <address>? Thanks, [agent name] 

Busy right now 

Hi <name>, I saw your <source> inquiry. I’m tied up right now. Can I call you later to discuss <address>? [agent name] 

When can you tour the property? 

Hi <name>, I saw your inquiry about <address> on <source>. When are you free to see the property? [agent name] 

Team member will call 

Hi <name>, I saw your <source> inquiry about <address>. Is now a good time for my team member to give you a call? Thanks, [agent name]  

To close, while text messages have been around since the early ‘90s, the majority of small businesses aren’t using this marketing channel. Start using it now and you’ll be ahead of the competition!

And for more info on using SMS marketing for your leads, client follow-up and more, visit our website.

Happy texting!

1 – Mobilesquared