Email templates from the hit book ‘Exactly What to Say: For Real Estate Agents’

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Our recent webinar with Jimmy Mackin (CEO of Curaytor) and Phil M Jones (business growth expert) gave us the simple, magic words and questions that any agent can use to benefit their business.

A key takeaway from the webinar—the one who asks the questions controls the conversation. And an extra bonus to using this method is that when you steer a conversation using questions, you can never be wrong.

Tricky indeed, but it’s also equally important how you phrase questions. You want to preface your idea with magic words that increase your odds of them agreeing with you. And here’s how to do just that and the email templates to make it even easier.

Getting a fair advantage in your conversations with real estate clients & prospects

As Phil points out in the book, everyone wants to be open-minded. And when you consider that the alternative is being close-minded, it’s easy to see why.

So when presenting an idea to someone, including the words “open-minded” as part of a question creates an incentive for them to want to agree with you.

Here’s an example:

The simple preface “How open-minded are you…” followed by your suggestion naturally makes your idea more attractive. Here’s another one:

See how this works? Both of these options make it difficult for the other person to reject your idea and at least makes them feel obligated to explore the possibility.

Okay, I get it. Where are the email templates that include these magic words?

We’ve added three email templates to Top Producer® X that use this approach:

  • Ask for testimonial
  • Buyers taking a long time to decide
  • Ask for lower asking price

To access the templates:

1)   Log in to Top Producer® X and open the contact’s record.

2)    Click the Compose Email tab > then click the Insert template button > then select the template. (All three of them have a NEW stamp, so it’s easy to find them.)

And that’s all there is to it! If you’re a current customer, log in to Top Producer® X now and check out the new templates!


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