Concerned about spam and Market Snapshot® emails? What we do and you can do

Okay, you purchased the Market Snapshot® so you can create personalized and relevant content for your valued customers. Nice move. Once you set up a customer and press send though, what’s your biggest fear?

If you’re like most agents, you want to make sure that your email is arriving in the inbox of your recipient, and not being routed to the dreaded bulk/spam/junk folder, or worse, completely blocked by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

With help from SendGrid, Market Snapshot® email open rates are consistently high.

Maintaining consistent, successful email delivery is a constant challenge facing any business that relies on email communications. To help ensure that Market Snapshot® emails are arriving in the inbox of your contacts, we hired SendGrid, so you now have a trusted email delivery expert in your corner.

All Market Snapshot® and Listing Alert Summary emails go through SendGrid, a leading digital communications company. Using SendGrid we are able to deliver email open rates and click rates that far exceed typical real estate statistics quoted by Mailchimp:

  • Mailchimp real estate averages: 19.67% open rates, with click rates of 1.80%.
  • Market Snapshot® averages (past 90 days): 50.02% open rates, with click rates of 12.62%.  

So if you send a Market Snapshot®, there’s an excellent chance that it’ll be read by your consumer.

Other tips to help prevent your emails from being marked as spam.

Email delivery isn’t guaranteed—whether it’s Market Snapshot® or any email. Unfortunately there’s no magic bullet that’s going to get all of your email read by the consumer. There are some key things you can do to help though:

  1. The right person: Send email to people who have explicitly asked to receive it. Ask permission and respect it. You are a guest in their inbox.  
  2. The right message: Send the types of messages your recipients are expecting to receive with the content they want. Send a welcome message reminding users what they signed up for or what is coming.
  3. The right time: Send messages when your recipients are expecting to receive.
  4. The right frequency: Don’t send too much email to your recipients or email them too frequently. Be conscious of their time.

And once you send a Market Snapshot®, be sure to follow up.

After you send the Market Snapshot®, use the opportunity to reach out and ask your customers if they have any questions. The Market Snapshot® gives you the opportunity to simply explain to your clients:

  1. What’s really happening in the market
  2. Why it’s happening

This builds the trust families want to have in their agent. And connecting your email marketing to your phone call prospecting makes the effectiveness of both shoot through the roof.

See ‘Step 4’ in this article for the details on how to follow up using Top Producer® CRM, including how the Follow-up Coach nudges you when someone doesn’t view their snapshot  and gives you the quick email template to send. Effective follow-up in 10 seconds flat.

Following these simple guidelines can "up" your follow-up game, resulting in more repeat and referral business.

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