Market Snapshot® upgrade: Reports moving to web API and Top Producer® X CRM

We’ve got some great news for Market Snapshot® report subscribers. The Market Snapshot® upgrade involves moving your reports to a new platform that meets the new industry data standards.

3 reasons to celebrate about the Market Snapshot® upgrade

One, we are retiring the Market Snapshot® control panel, and providing all the same functionality (plus more!) inside Top Producer® X CRM. One login for both products with a new, modern interface!

Two, we are pulling MLS data for your reports from a new web API that uses the new industry-standard RESO data dictionary, instead of an old RETS data feed. This means:

  • Standardization of data between Market Snapshot® and all MLSes

  • Greater data security

  • Improved stability, which means less downtime and greater data availability

Three, you can preview your Market Snapshot® reports in real time before you send them — a feature many of you have asked for. Moving to the new web API means we can make improvements to Market Snapshot® reports in a much more timely manner, and also develop new functionality using MLS data — like the new property insights feature in Top Producer® X CRM.

Accessing your Market Snapshot® reports

When your MLS is migrated:

  • You will create, modify, start, stop and view the performance of your Market Snapshot® reports inside Top Producer® X CRM

  • Handy instructions and links are in Top Producer® 8i and the old Market Snapshot® control panel. So you’ll know exactly what to do.

  • All of your existing Market Snapshot® contacts and reports will already be inside your CRM account. Which means you can manage all of your contacts and communications in one place.

  • Your existing Market Snapshot® reports will continue to be sent on the same schedule

  • Existing reports will also be automatically converted to the new industry-standard RESO data dictionary. This means you will use the same criteria when you search your MLS or create a report.

  • Reports can easily be modified inside Top Producer® X CRM, using the new extended fields based on the RESO data dictionary

  • You can always contact our support team for assistance: 1-877-909-6624

If your MLS board has not yet been migrated, you can continue to access Market Snapshot® reports as you do today, via Top Producer® 8i or the Market Snapshot® control panel. You can also create, start and stop your reports in Top Producer® X CRM.

When does all this happen?

Many of the Market Snapshot® reports have been migrated. You can visit our support site to see if your MLS board is one of them.

Better for your clients, better for you

There are many reasons to be excited about the migration of Market Snapshot® reports to the new web API and Top Producer® X CRM.

One password to remember. Real-time previews of your reports. A standardized search between your MLS and your Market Snapshot® reports. Plus, this opens the door to other new possibilities, like map search and search by school district.

We’re excited. We hope you are too.