NEW! Add your signature and images to emails in Top Producer® X

The email integration in our next-gen real estate CRM, Top Producer® X, just got better! You can now add multiple email signatures, choose the default email you want to send from, and add images to your email messages!

Email signature in Top Producer® X CRM

But before we show you how easy it is to add your signature and images, here are a couple of common mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Common email mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Make sure your contact info is clickable in your signature

We see a lot of images in signatures that include phone numbers and websites that aren’t clickable. In today’s world of “mobile-first”, consumers will click-to-call or click to view your website.

BulletPro tip: Go ahead and include your contact info in an image in your email signature, but make it easy for them to contact you by including your phone number in the body of the email and making sure your website is clickable.

2. Limit images in your email message

A picture is worth 1000 words, but with so many devices and screen sizes today, it’s tricky to get images to appear correctly across all devices. And if they don’t, you may leave a non-tech savvy impression.

BulletPro tip: Send plain text emails or limit the amount of images in your emails. If you choose to include a lot of images and heavily-formatted html emails, make sure they display correctly on ALL devices.

Now that you’re armed with those tips, here’s how to add your email signature

You can add a signature for every email account you’ve connected to Top Producer® X.

1. Log in to Top Producer® X > then click Settings > Email Signatures.

Email signature setup in Top Producer® X CRM

2. Click Edit Icon to open the editor and compose your email signature. Two new toolbar icons allow you to add links Add Link and images .

Email signature sample in Top Producer® X CRM

3. When done, click Save Signature and that’s it!

And setting a default ‘send from’ address for your emails couldn’t be easier

When composing an email, just click click Cog Icon> then click Set current email as default.

Default email settings in Top Producer® X CRM

If you’re a current Top Producer® customer, log in now to check out these changes in Top Producer® X!


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