NEW! Personalize your pipeline with smart contact lists in Top Producer® X

Ever wish you could customize your sales pipeline, organize your database the way you work, and easily surface the most important contacts in your real estate CRM? Now you can with the ability to create smart contact lists for “buckets” of contacts in Top Producer® X, our next-gen real estate CRM!

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You can now search for your contacts based on the following criteria and save the group as a tab in your sales pipeline:

  • Contact types (e.g. is:buyer)
  • Contact status
  • Phone numbers
  • Street names
  • Cities
  • Zip codes

Before, with default tabs:

Default tabs in Sales Pipeline

After, with smart contact lists!

Smart contact lists in Sales Pipeline

Here are a few ideas for smart contact lists to inspire you

Save a tab for everyone on Elm Street so you can showcase the listing you just sold. 

And then cycle through these contacts to call, email or text with just the click of an arrow:

Create a smart contact list for people that live in a specific area

Maybe you’ve used contact types to identify not only your past clients, but your top past  clients. (Aren’t you clever?) Save a tab for these top clients so you don’t forget to follow up personally over the holidays.

Create a smart contact list for your top clients

Save everyone assigned the Sphere of Influence contact type to a tab so you can cycle through them to check in and ask for referrals. You know, those you know and work with that deserve the white-glove treatment because they give you business.

Save a tab for everyone that lives in Glenview so you can tell them about the new local hotspot or the fundraiser you’re involved with this coming weekend.

The opportunities are endless.

Creating your own smart contact lists couldn’t be easier.

1. In Top Producer® X, click Contacts on the left > then click  > Create tab to the right of your sales pipeline.

2. Select what you want to search for (Contact type, Contact status or a Search for phone or location).

3. Type a name for your tab in the Tab label field > then select your criteria below.

How to create a smart contact list

And that’s all there is to it!

Want to make sure a specific group stays top of mind?

No problem. Set a default tab so you see this group each and every time you open your sales pipeline. Just click  > then Set current tab as default.

Set tab defaults

And moving or deleting a tab is just a mouse drag away.

To move a tab, click and drag it to its new location:

Moving a tab

And to delete a tab, click and drag it away from the tab list:

Deleting a tab

And there’s lots more to come in Top Producer® X, including the ability to create custom contact types and set follow-up rules for specific groups of contacts, so stay tuned!

Log in to Top Producer® X and create a new custom tab now!

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