Tips from Lab Coat Agents on connecting with your real estate clients during COVID-19

We recently teamed up with Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin, CEO and COO of Lab Coat Agents—the largest online community for real estate agents—to discuss the steps you need to take to be successful in this market. Watch this 5-minute clip from the session and read on for some highlights.

Want to watch the whole thing? Here’s a recording of the full session

One of the biggest takeaways from session with Lab Coat Agents—reach out to your past clients and sphere

If you’ve got all of your contacts in a real estate CRM, you’re already one step ahead.

As Nick Baldwin pointed out:

“Now is the time to pour into people you know. Pour into your database, pour into your past clients and friends and family.”

It can be hard to find the right words to say during times like these, but there’s an opportunity here to really be there for your clients. And oftentimes all it takes is just listening to them.

And while things are uncertain right now, one thing is for sure—they will eventually get back to “normal”. The Goldman Sachs GDP Forecast predicts a sharp turn upwards in Q3:

Lab Coat Agents says the GPD predicts an upward turn in Q3

So if you’re able to, take advantage of the time right now and reach out and strategize because it will pay off down the road.

The info real estate agents should provide their database with right now

People are looking for someone to talk to, and here are the 2 steps Tristan Ahumada and his team are taking to open up that dialog:

1. Send a personal text message.

A lot of people are with their families and won’t pick up the phone if they don’t recognize the number. Send a personal text message instead, just to show you care.

Text script from Lab Coat Agents

 And let them take it from there. As Tristan pointed out:

“If you’re on the phone, just shut up and listen. A lot of people need to be listened to right now.”

2. Understand how COVID-19 is impacting your local market with Tristan’s “rolling 7”.

While the above text message lets clients lead the conversation, a lot of them naturally bring up real estate, so you need to be prepared to answer.

Tristan and his team are doing a “rolling 7”, which means they’re looking back at the last 7 days to see what’s active, pending and what’s sold. Because it doesn’t matter what the market looked like 3 months ago.

Now’s the time to reach out and connect

To close, you have your clients’ attention right now, so reach out and connect. A big thanks to Nick and Tristan for sharing their time and expertise. If you haven’t already, follow Lab Coat Agents to learn what others are doing to shift correctly to this new reality.

And if you haven’t already organized your contacts into a real estate CRM for easy follow-up, it’s not too late: give us a call at 1-855-534-5534 and learn how we can help.

Stay safe everyone.


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