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It’s not only millennials that prefer text over talk. Text and instant messaging are way more appealing than phone calls to many people. Some say it’s less time-consuming, more convenient and, when dealing with businesses, less frustrating.

Now because we are all about making life easier for you, we’re introducing a new fast and easy communication method using Facebook Messenger codes. If you use Facebook Messenger, chances are you already know the deal, but just in case you don’t, a Messenger code is a QR-like code that you scan to quickly start a conversation with someone. No more looking up numbers—just scan and chat. Cool, right?

So naturally, we want to share our Messenger code with you. If you’re ever in a jam and need help, we want you to easily be able to get in touch with us. Skip dialing our number; instead scan our code and we’ll respond to you as fast as humanly possible.

Not only that, since we want you to seriously succeed with our products, you can subscribe to receive best practices & tips that will help you do just that. (We’ll only send you stuff that’ll make you the Top Producer master—promise.)

So without further ado—here’s our code:

Top Producer Facebook Messenger code

How do you scan it?

Easy, peasey.

1. Open the Facebook Messenger app.

2. Tap Me in the bottom right > tap your Messenger code > tap Scan Code at the top > then point your device at our code to automatically scan it. (You have to admit this is pretty cool!)


3. Then you’ll be prompted to tap Get Started > and then Subscribe to our news & updates.


And that’s all there is to it! We look forward to connecting with you in this new way—happy scanning!

P.S. You can also just click here to connect with us instantly.

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