Important: action required to maintain email service

If you use the Top Producer 8i Inbox and have an email address, it is very important that you take the following steps in the coming weeks.

Note: If you do not use the 8i inbox directly with an email account or have configured a third-party provider via POP3, you can disregard these steps.

Sunset of the Top Producer 8i Inbox by June 1st

Due to changes in technology, the following 8i functionality will be sunset and eventually removed from Top Producer 8i:

  • TP 8i Inbox
  • email addresses
  • Ability to receive email from third-party providers into the Inbox via POP3 or forwarding

Note: This does NOT impact your ability to send individual or mass emails from within 8i.

We are committed to maintaining as much functionality as possible in 8i. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for us to support the 8i email inbox, which uses 15+ year old technology.

What you need to do before June 1st

To prepare for the sunset, you need to:

  • Discontinue using your email address.
  • Update your marketing materials, website, etc, with a new email address. (You can create a new account for free using a provider like Google.)
  • Disconnect any third-party email accounts that have been configured via POP3.
  • Remove any forwarding rules from third-party providers to your email address.
  • Identify important emails in your TP 8i Inbox and forward these to your new address.

For more information on the above steps, see this article. And as always, our Customer Care team is here to help. You can speak to a team member via LiveChat by clicking ‘Chat Now’ on our support site.

What other options do I have to manage email in Top Producer?

Once you’ve created a new email account with a provider of your choice, you can connect this account in Top Producer X CRM. You can connect Gmail, Microsoft Exchange,, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail accounts.

The new email integration in X allows you to:

  • Enjoy improved deliverability. All emails will be sent through your email provider, so you won’t be affected by other users’ spammy behavior.
  • Track your emails. From the contact record you’ll be able to see which emails your clients have opened, which they haven’t read yet, and which ones they’ve sent to you.
  • See a complete communication history from each client’s record.

We know that a centralized Inbox is important to many of you, so we are looking at ways to implement a solution for this in Top Producer X CRM.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact our helpful support team via LiveChat by clicking ‘Chat Now’ on our support site.