5 scripts to bypass objections & land that 1st meeting

When it comes to leads, it’s all about getting that first in-person meeting. But when you consider that a lot of online leads have already talked to other agents, the pressure is on to seriously nail the first conversation.

You need to be prepared for their objections. And practice your responses. A lot. Your scripts and skills have to be so good that even if they’ve talked to 3 other agents, who cares—they like you better.

While we know your sparkling personality and mad skills and knowledge can win over even the most stubborn of leads, we've all been there—faced with an objection and just fumbling for the right words to say. We're here to help!

5 scripts for some of the most common objections

Real estate coach Shon Kokoszka sharedthese fool-proof scripts to deal with the toughest of objections:

5 scripts for handling real estate lead objections

Script for I'll talk to my partner and call you back

Script for I only work with the listing agent

Script for my friend or family member is an agent

Script for I don't want to meet can you please email me the listings

Script for I'm working with an agent


Mastering the art of objection handling—practice makes perfect

The only way you'll get really good at handling objections is by role playing and practicing your scripts. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be. And if you're more confident, it will help you to make more more connections and hopefully convert more leads.

Practice overcoming objections regularly with these scripts

Shon recommends practicing 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. And when you do, you’ll come to a place where you won’t even have to think of what to say—it’ll just be 2nd nature.

So pick a colleague or friend to role play with, or practice your scripts in the mirror or in front of your dog. It really doesn’t matter who’s in front of you—it just matters that you do it. Often!