3 ways to take the chill out of real estate cold calling

While real estate cold calling may land the top spot of the least favorite form of lead gen for many agents, the good news is that with you can use technology to turn your “cold” calls into “warm” calls.

78.6% of sales reps who use social media for prospecting report higher sales than the average for agents who don’t. *

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If you think about it, a call isn’t really cold if, before you pick up the phone, you know they:

Are a pilot

Play golf

Have kids that go to the same school as yours

Viewed your Market Snapshot® report 3 times

Here are 3 quick ways to warm up cold calls in Top Producer® X CRM

Learn about them before you call

Top Producer® X CRM automatically pulls in your contacts’ social media info to make meaningful connections that much easier. You’ll see their social bio, job, interests & more.

Use Social Media insights for your real estate cold calling

Connect your email marketing to your phone call prospecting

If you follow up your email marketing with a phone call a day or two later, the effectiveness of both shoot through the roof. And if you send Market Snapshot® reports—a popular upgrade for Top Producer® CRM customers—you get intel on who’s viewing your reports and how often, making the call that much warmer.

Use Market Snapshot® intel for your real estate cold calling

Warm them up with an email & use the intel to see if they’ve opened it before you call

Use the quick email templates in Top Producer® X CRM to warm up a prospect before you call. Send one of the templates designed for prospects—expired listing, FSBO, new leads, etc—and then check their record to see if they’ve opened it or not before you pick up the phone.

Use email intel for your real estate cold calling

Following these 3 quick tips, you’ll take your calls from cold to toasty in no time!

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* Source: Social Centered Selling