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Market Snapshot Reports help agents capture leads, stay organized, manage their client database,
and follow-up effectively

“Stay in front of
potential clients effortlessly”

“TPX plus Market Snapshot allows me to stay in front of potential clients effortlessly. I can go back and engage when I have a “computer day”! I anticipate that it will increase productivity. It has already mase me aware of changes I need to make in my business ”

Katrina H.

Real Estate Agent


“The reports help us
educate people effortlessly”

“We use Market Snapshot® for educational purposes. The reports help us educate people effortlessly, and it doesn’t take any time for us to do so. The easier something is to use, the more it’ll be used. And because we can now completely manage Market Snapshot® from within Top Producer® X CRM, we are going to be sending a lot more snapshots.”

George Kimble

Real Estate Broker


“Top Producer®
is Great”

“I have been using Top producer® since 1995 and have over 10,000 contacts. It is comprehensive and indispensable. I love when I am able to pull up past information from years before to remind my contacts how long we have been acquainted”

Christian D.

IT Operations


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Real Estate CRM

Top Producer® X CRM gives you the information and tools you need to personalize interactions, build meaningful relationships, and connect with people.

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