Introducing Top Producer® X,
our best real estate CRM yet!

Home buyers and sellers want to be known as people, not transactions. Top Producer® X CRM gives you the information and tools you need to personalize interactions, build meaningful relationships, and connect with people at every stage in your pipeline.

5 star customer support and affordable, all-inclusive pricing.


What is the X factor?

Meaningful insights

  • 360° contact view, with social media insights
  • MLS integration with buyer property insights
  • Email and Market Snapshot® performance

Effective follow up

  • Built-in texting and integrated email, with history
  • Professional real estate email templates
  • Market Snapshot® integration
  • Your own personal Follow Up Coach

Simplified workflows

  • Personalized contact groups, with custom follow-up rules
  • Synced with your everyday calendar, contacts and email
  • Integrated with 150+ real estate lead sources

Top Producer® CRM:
Proven real estate client database since 1982

Top Producer® CRM is trusted by tens of thousands of real estate agents to help them capture leads, stay organized, manage their client database, and follow-up effectively. Whether you’re a new agent, a seasoned veteran or a growing team, the NEW Top Producer® CRM can help simplify your day-to-day and build your long-term repeat-and-referral business.

“The wait
[for Top Producer® X]
appears to have been
well worth it”

Craig C Rowe
Technology Columnist, Inman News

“There are lots of other
systems out there, but
they don’t do as much as
Top Producer® CRM.”

Justin Green
Keller Williams

“Top Producer® X is the
Real Estate CRM that
you’ve been looking for all

Michael Allen
Carle Properties

What is Top Producer® CRM?
An easy, effective follow-up system

Top Producer® CRM is designed to help agents meet the needs of today’s consumer and build better connections by making follow-up easy, relevant and personalized.

  • Grow your client database easily with popular integrations
  • Simplify follow-up with templates and your own Follow Up Coach
  • Stay top-of-mind with effective text and email marketing
  • Organize your business with embedded transaction management
  • Keep your team in the loop with shared access to contacts, communications, and a calendar of key dates and tasks
  • Work on-the-go with a mobile and tablet-friendly CRM
  • No limits on usage, no hidden costs, and FREE coaching and support

Build a real estate client database easily with Top Producer® CRM

Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned real estate veteran, building your client database is an important part of your ongoing success. Top Producer® CRM brings together all your contacts, leads and listings with little effort.

  • Easily import and export contact lists while keeping important notes & tags.
  • Add new leads automatically by integrating FiveStreet lead response software, or connect directly with 150+ online lead sources
  • Capture your own online leads by connecting your Top Producer® website and Market Snapshot® landing pages
  • Sync Top Producer® CRM with your Google or iCloud contacts
  • Connect with Zapier to automatically import leads from Facebook ads, Google forms and more

Make personal connections with X factor Insights

Top Producer ® CRM is full of new ideas for modern real estate follow up. Whether you’re making a first call to a lead, or rediscovering an old opportunity, you’ll have innovative tools at your fingertips that help you connect. 

  • Add Social Insights, a continuous update for contacts with public profiles that includes photos, interests, locations and job title
  • Track Buyers with Property Insights, a free MLS connection showing listings viewed, interested in, or inquired on!
  • Enjoy a 360° view of every contact, including a photo, social media links, notes, relationships, important dates, tags and status
  • View past interactions in a helpful timeline, including texts, emails, call notes, and Market Snapshot® reports received
  • Get prompts to follow up on important dates, like the anniversary of a home purchase or birthdays
  • Target communications based on stage in your pipeline or status

Simplify follow-up with Top Producer® CRM

Top Producer® CRM has powerful features and a simple interface, so you can engage with contacts in just minutes per day.

  • Get instant lead notifications so no leads fall through the cracks
  • Follow the prompts from your personal Follow Up Coach to make 5 meaningful connections per day, or 1000+ per year
  • Communicate by text or email without leaving your Top Producer® CRM
  • Add call wrap-ups and tasks so you don’t forget next steps

Stay top-of-mind with effective text and email marketing

Ever wonder if your emails are getting read, or even delivered? Consumers receive dozens of marketing messages each day, and often ignore, delete or unsubscribe from generic mass emails and drip campaigns. Don’t end up in the spam folder: make more connections by sending personal, targeted, relevant messages in minutes with Top Producer® CRM.

  • Use pre-written templates for texts and emails to save time, and customize for that personal touch
  • Get insights into who’s opening, reading or unsubscribing from your emails so you can improve your follow-up
  • Add Market Snapshot® reports to your Top Producer® CRM and start subscribing your contacts to emails with industry-leading open and click rates
Effective text and email marketing

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