Market Snapshot®

With Market Snapshot® Reports now installed in Top Producer® X, you and your clients receive timely information about for-sale properties, new listings, price changes, neighborhood trends, and sold data.
Your new answer to “How’s the market?” !

Send real-time just listed-just sold-price reduction alerts
Keep home buyers & sellers informed on market changes Previous
Deliver email marketing
Create, monitor and track your reports with ease
Capture leads from your social media

Automated email marketing that clients

Market Snapshot® reports are your go-to email marketing solution that stands out in inboxes, delivers valuable content, and can differentiate you from other agents in your area.

Automated email marketing that clients
Automatically send real-time

Automatically send real-time reports to new leads or schedule regular delivery for long-term follow-up

Improve your email campaigns

Improve your email campaigns with low spam and high open rates

Real estate follow up email

Stay top-of-mind with homeowners (potential sellers!)

Keep homebuyers and sellers informed

Keep homebuyers and sellers informed with hard-to-find MLS data (including SOLD data)

Get insights

Get insights into who’s opening and reading your emails

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