Dynamic Workflows
The clever real estate drip campaign

No two deals are the same. Keep your campaigns and transactions on track while dates change and tasks complete with Dynamic Workflows.

The clever real estate drip campaign

Proven real estate drip campaign templates or build your own!

Not a tech expert? We provide our best automated workflows within Top Producer® CRM. Adjust these
campaigns to your clients’ needs to provide highly quality service our customers will love!

Real Estate CRM with Social Insights

Why use dynamic workflows?

Traditional email workflow automation picks linear dates for activities, tasks and sends. In real estate, things are always changing! Dynamic workflows react to behavior to delay next steps or follow up on incomplete tasks.

Why use dynamic workflows?
Simplify tasks aand transactions
Real Estate Software with Property Insights

Simplify tasks and transactions

Start campaigns based on hundred of insights like contact type, last touch, email clicks, Property Insights or Social Insights. Once your ready to transact, you can import data directly from your MLS*, and apply a plan!

Find out how Top Producer®
CRM can work for you

Find out how Top Producer ® CRM can work for you