Empowering brokers at every turn of the sales cycle

In a world where the speed of your agents’ response is the biggest catalyst to winning the client, and repeat and referral business is built one call at a time, there’s no room for guesswork. The Top Producer® Success Suite addresses productivity, response time, follow-up, conversion and business tracking to ensure you and your agents are empowered at every turn.

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Fuel success from initial contact

Whether your agents are on-the-go connecting with prospects at an open house, catching leads on their cell phone or sitting in the office at their desktop, the Top Producer® Success Suite enables streamlined client management from initial contact to closing. What’s more, the Top Producer® Broker Dashboard empowers brokers and team leaders to manage their agents, assistants and teams from virtually anywhere.

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To further accelerate your success, FiveStreet dramatically improves chances of conversion by allowing brokers to consolidate online lead sources, route leads to a team, and keep track of who’s responding to clients effectively.

Consolidate leads from over 100 sources and manage which team members see sensitive data

Route leads to team members, delegate responsibility and track lead progress throughout the communications cycle

Utilize automatic reminders that prompt team members to follow-up with customers at various stages

Capture incoming leads in real-time from mobile devices, tablet, laptop or desktop

Use valuable lead insights to better convert actionable leads into buyers and sellers

Give current clients a reason to engage

Give your brokerage or team a competitive advantage by providing agents with the tools they need to keep clients engaged beyond the initial contact. Top Producer® and Market Snapshot® allow your team to send accurate, local, real-time data reports directly to clients, and manage personal follow-up in minutes.

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For those agents who are busy showing property or in client meetings, FiveStreet’s ability to send an immediate response to incoming leads means active clients are not put on hold while the agent responds to leads that may or may not be actionable.

  • Leverage more than 100 different action plans for follow-up, nurture and long-term growth
  • Empower agents with accurate, real-time market data reports at the local level that give clients the insights needed to make informed decisions
  • Automatically send prospects and clients alerts regarding price reductions, new and sold properties so they’re always in tune with the market
  • Simultaneously manage calls, appointments and email follow-up, while using the Top Producer® Broker Dashboard to see how well agents are communicating

Leveraging opportunities with past clients

Repeats and referrals are at the core of your business. Don’t lose valuable opportunities to stay in touch after the transaction closes. Top Producer® selects the most strategic contacts and prompts agents with appropriate touch points to fuel ongoing business. Agents can manage this follow-up seamlessly via their mobile device, tablet or desktop.

  • Streamline client communication after closing to help agents nurture relationships with past clients
  • Give agents the follow-up tools they need to drive repeat and referral business

See how easy it is to follow up

Take your long-term follow-up to the next level by using Market Snapshot® reports to send targeted market data to your past clients. For brokers, the Top Producer® Broker Dashboard gives valuable insights into which agents are using the available resources to cultivate business.

  • Streamline client communication after closing and help agents stay nurture relationships with past clients
  • Fuel engagement with drip marketing and local market data reports to keep past clients engaged and informed about the market

Waiting for an integrated system that can keep your agents compliant and productive — and also works from lead to close?

Top Producer® and Reesio give your agents everything they need to run their businesses in ONE place, while offering you a transparent, hands-off monitoring system.

Leverage an end-to-end platform that:

  • Maximizes agent productivity and reduces broker liability
  • Track activity and automates workflows to increase compliance
  • Fully integrates with your MLS, zipForm® and e-signature tools
  • Outlaws duplicate entry forever
  • Satisfies customers who want a paperless process

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