Using Top Producer® 8i CRM on Apple Products (Mac Operating System)

Top Producer CRM on iPads, iPhones, & iPod touch

Top Producer Mobile was specifically developed for use on internet-enabled touchscreen mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. To use Top Producer Mobile on any of these products, on your mobile device, simply go to and enter your username and password.

Learn more about Top Producer Mobile at Top Producer Mobile Support

Top Producer CRM on a Mac

macTop Producer CRM works seamlessly on your Mac! Not only can you manage your contacts, transactions and task list, the entire email workflow is available to Mac users, including the ability to compose emails, send mass email campaigns and customize your own email templates. Mac users can also access the entire Marketing Library which includes letter and flyer templates, presentations and more!

Log in to Top Producer CRM in Safari on your Mac to check out all of the available features and functionality.


Are there differences between the Mac and PC versions of Top Producer CRM?

The vast majority of the workflows in Top Producer CRM are the same, regardless of whether you’re using a Mac or PC. The main difference is that while Mac users can create/edit email and letter templates using the editor, currently you cannot create/edit other marketing templates (flyers, presentations, envelopes, labels and postcards) on a Mac.

You can still create these marketing materials (flyers, presentations, envelopes, labels and postcards) from the system templates in the Marketing library. You just currently can’t customize these templates.


What are the system requirements for using Top Producer CRM on my Mac?
See our System Requirements article for details.


Are there any settings I need to change on my Mac in order to use Top Producer CRM?

While you can immediately start using Top Producer CRM on your Mac, there are two settings you should check in order to enjoy a seamless experience. For details, see Configuring Your Mac and Safari Settings.


How can I edit the marketing templates or materials I've created from system templates, such as my presentations and flyers?

While you can edit email and letter templates using the editor, currently you cannot edit other marketing templates and materials you’ve created from system templates (letters, flyers, presentations, envelopes, labels and postcards) on a Mac.


Can I import my Mac Address Book into Top Producer CRM?

Yes! See the Importing Contacts from a Mac Address Book article for details.


Why can't I see my scroll bars when viewing lists in Top Producer CRM?

You need to adjust your scroll bar settings on your Mac in order to see the scroll bars in Top Producer CRM.

  1. From the Dock on the bottom of your screen, click the System Preferences system-preferences-icon icon.
  2. Click the General general-icon icon.
  3. Set the Show scroll bars option to Always.


  4. Close General Preferences.


Log in to Top Producer CRM.

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