When a lead has requested information, timely follow-up is crucial. Whenever a lead is received in Top Producer CRM, it appears on the New tab in the Sales Pipeline, where you can view the key details you need to effectively follow up.

To follow up on a lead:

  1. Click Home from the main menu bar.
  2. In the Sales Pipeline area, click the lead’s name to view their record.
  3. Call or send an email (the lead’s contact details appear in the header on the left). Alternatively, click Perform Action to create a Market Snapshot or apply an action plan.


    Tip: After contacting the lead, it’s recommended that you change the status to reflect where the lead is in the lead lifecycle. For more information on the statuses and when to assign new statuses, see Tracking the Lead Lifecycle Using Statuses.

Login to follow-up on a lead.