Top Producer® 8i CRM: The Perform Mail Out Wizard

The Perform Mail Out Wizard allows you to print marketing material for contacts using three easy to follow steps. Whether you want letters, envelopes, or labels, the Perform Mail Out Wizard provides a consistent and simple method to print your mail out immediately.

Note: There are multiple methods to perform mail outs in Top Producer CRM. For information on how to print or schedule mail outs without using the wizard, click here.

The Perform Mail Out Wizard is available from several locations:

  1. Select the Marketing menu and click Perform Mail Out.


  2. When viewing the Template Library, click Perform Mail Out within any of the Letters, Envelopes, Labels, or Postcards sections.


  3. In the Letter Library, Envelope Library, or Label Library, click the Create for Contact icon contacticon.


  4. When viewing a contact record, the Perform Action control on the top right of the record provides the Perform Mail Out option.


Using the Perform Mail Out Wizard

Regardless of where you initially access the Perform Mail Out Wizard, you will always be presented with the same three steps:

  1. Select Template
  2. selecttemplate

    On the first step, select the type of mail out (letter, envelope or label) and then use the drop-down menus below to select the appropriate template. Letters can be sorted by street name, last name, or zip code.

    Note: If you accessed the wizard from within a specific library by using the Create for Contact icon next to a template, that template will already be selected for you in Step 1.

    The Mail Out Detailssection can be expanded by clicking on the header, and allows you to specify a description, date, and priority to the mail out. You can also assign it to another team member or assistant, set a drop-off date, or link it to a Listing or Closing. Clicking Next proceeds to step 2.

  3. Select Recipients
  4. selectrecipients

    You can drag and drop contacts from the contact rolodex located on the right, or perform a search for a group of contacts by clicking Search & Attach Multiple Contacts. After your desired contacts are added, click the Create Button.

    Note: If you accessed the wizard from within a Contact or Lead record using the Perform Action for Contact menu, that contact will already be selected for you in Step 2.

  5. View & Print
  6. The final step of the wizard opens the mail out for editing and printing.


    You can cycle through each instance of the mail out (if there are multiple contacts) by clicking Next or Previous at the bottom of the page and make changes to each instance. The Print Now button will open the mail out in a PDF preview window and allow it to be printed. Print Later will schedule the mail out as an activity to be displayed in your Activities Summary. When finished printing, click Mark Done.

Log in to perform a mail out.

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