Top Producer® 8i CRM: Customer Web Page Settings

Before you can begin creating Customer Web Pages in Top Producer CRM, you will need to define the necessary information you would like to appear in your Customer Web Pages.

Please follow these steps to configure Top Producer’s Customer Web Pages.

  1. Open the Top Producer Settings.
  2. Click the Listings & Closings tab.

    Listing and Closing Settings

  3. Click the Customer Web Page Setup sub-tab.
  4. If you previously set up a Customer Web Page, click Edit Customer Web Pages in the lower left corner. If this is the first time you configuring this setting, the options to configure will automatically appear.
  5. To add you Agent (or Team) Photo and Company (or Team) logo, click the Add Photo link.

    Photos Section

  6. In the Add Photo area, select the photo you’d like to add.


    1. Click Browse and browse to the location of the photo on your computer, select the photo and click Open.
    2. From the Type drop down menu select the type of photo it is. For example you can choose if it is a Company Logo or Agent Photo.
    3. Click Add Photo. Repeat these steps to add the second image.

    Note: When adding photos to a Customer Web Page, you are restricted to adding one agent/team photo and one company/team logo.

  7. The Settings section allows you specify whether or not you would like these Customer Web Pages standalone or to appear as part of your Top Producer Website.

    Customer Web Page Settings

    Also, select if you would like cash expenses and showing agents names to be displayed on the Customer Web Pages.

  8. The Customer Web Page Text section allows you to customize the Web Page Title and the text on the Sign In Page and Service Activities Page. Enter the text that you would like to appear.


  9. When finished making your changes, click Save Customer Web Page. The Website Address (URL) to your Customer Webpage will appear within the Settings area.

Log in to manage Customer Web Page settings.

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