Top Producer® 8i CRM: Creating a Service Report

Service reports make it easy to keep your clients up to date on all the things you do for their listings. They enable you to regularly gather all of the service activities that you perform for a single listing into a report for either publishing to the customer’s Web page, or sending as a marketing link in an email message. In addition, any scheduled listing activities can be included when you mark an activity done. Service reports can also be created for closings.

Follow the 3 steps below to create a service report.

Create the Report – Step 1

  1. From an open listing record, go to the Activities tab and click the Service Reports subtab.
  2. Click the Add Service Report link to open the Add Service Report form. This form is made up several segments that help you determine the look and content of the report.

    Service Report Details

    Give the report a name that is meaningful, like “2nd Week Report,” to define its time period. Decide when the report will be generated, and if the report is periodic or cumulative. Periodic reports include every service activity (and selected scheduled listing activities) performed since the last report was created. Cumulative reports include every activity performed for the listing since its creation. If you select periodic, choose the date range for activities to be included in the report. The primary seller for the listing is automatically selected for the Prepared for field, and the person creating the report is the Assigned to person. Click the drop-down list to assign the report to a different person.


    Service Report Text

    This segment contains the default text that appears in the main sections of the report. You can change any of the report section headers or body text. The segment is collapsed to save room.

    Tip: If you want to change the service report text for all reports (not just the current one), you can go to the Settings link under the Account menu in the top right corner of Top Producer CRM. From here, go to the Listings tab and then the Listing Service Reports subtab. Any change you make to the service report preferences will be applied to all service reports.


    Report Photo and Content

    This segment allows you to include a property photo, the showing agent name, and any cash expenses you incurred for the included activities.


    Market Data

    If you’ve performed some research, you can select a date range for market data, such as homes for sale, homes sold, and listing information. Choose from 4 graphs to display the market data. If you don’t have any market data to add to the report, click the “No” next to the Include marketing Data? field to collapse the segment.


    Service Report Footer

    Set up fields you want to display on your report footer, such as agent and company name and company Web site to brand the report.


    Agent Contact Info

    Select what agent contact information to include on the report. Agents typically display all contact information.


    Service Report Colors

    Select the colors for different areas of your report.


  3. Once you’ve set the report’s details, click the Preview button to see what it will look like before sending it to the contact. The previewed report opens on a separate internet browser tab. Click the X button to close the preview.
  4. Click the Add Service Report button to save and schedule the report.

Editing a Scheduled Service Report

You can view or add details to a service report.

  1. From an open listing record, go to the Activities tab.
  2. Click the Service Report subtab to view a list of service reports.
  3. Click on a service report name to open it in the Marketing Service Reportform. Click on any of the tabs to review or change the report details:
    1. Service Report Details tab: Contains the same information as the Service Report Details segment on the Add Service Report form.
    2. Service Activities tab: Search for and display service activities within a date range, view activity details, add service activities, or add a showing.
    3. Marketing Data tab: Contains the same information as the Market Data segment on the Add Service Report form.
    4. Service Report Options tab: Contains the same information as the Service Report Text segment on the Add Service Report form.

Generate the Report – Step 2

The second step to generating a service report happens automatically – you don’t have to do a thing! On the scheduled date, your report is automatically created and is added to the Service Reports Summary page. You can see this page by choosing the Service Reports submenu item from the Listings main menu item. This page shows only generated service report.


Reports that have yet to be created are listed under the Service Reports subtab of a listing’s Activities tab.

Publish the Report – Step 3

Once the report is generated, you’ll need to send it to the primary seller, typically via an email alert with a link to the report. This is called “publishing.”

  1. From the Listings main menu icon, click Service Reports to open the Service Reports summary page.
  2. Click on a report name to open the service report in the Marketing Service Report form.
  3. Click the Publish & Send link at the bottom of the form.

Log in to create a service report.

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