Top Producer® 8i CRM: Editing a Referral

After a referral record has been created, it can be updated with new information, additional referred contacts, status changes, or be linked to listings and closings. To view the details of a referral record, hover over Contacts in the main menu and click Referrals Summary.

Referral Summary

Click the row of the referral you want to edit, or click the referred contact Name in the first column. If necessary, use the Show: pull-down menu to filter the list to see the referral you are looking for.

The referral record screen’s header shows a summary of the most imporating referral information. There are also several tabs available that contain additional information, each of which can be viewed and edited.

Referral Record

Referral Info

Referral Info contains the details of the referral, such as status and referral fee. The information in this area is used in Referral Reports, and to generate statistics about the effectiveness of your referrals and referral parties.

Referral Info

The information on this page can be changed by clicking the field you want to edit, or by clicking the Edit Referral Information link at the bottom.

  • Referral Number: In the event that you or your broker uses an external referral tracking system, enter the tracking number here.
  • Referral Source: Refers to the conditions responsible for the referral, rather than the person referring the contact to you.
  • Transaction Status: The referral status field is used to track the progress of the referred contact(s) itself, not the status of any listings or closings that are created from the referral record. The referral fee and commission amount will only be added to your referral income/expense totals when the referral is assigned a status of Closed/Paid. The referral status is not connected automatically to any listings or closing created from the referral record.
  • Referral Fee: Can be defined as a fixed dollar amount, or a percentage of the Commission Amount. To define as a percentage of the commission, click the Calculate based on % link. Enter the total commission amount in the $ field and the percentage in the @ field, then click the % Calculate link.
  • Commission Amount: Enter the commisson amount earned from this referral. The value can be used to define the value of the Referral Fee field.
  • Sale Price: The selling price of the property or properties that resulted in the commission.
  • Dates: The Referred On date is populated automatically to the value of the referral record’s creation date. The Closed On and Referral Fee Received On fields are defined manually. To edit any of the dates, click within a date field and type the new date, or use the pop-up calendar to select the correct date.
  • Assign To: This option will only appear if you are a member of a Top Producer team or broker account. All of your team members will be available from this drop-down list. Select the team member that this referral is assigned to.

After making changes to any of the information on this page, click the Save Referral Information button at the bottom.

Referred Contacts

The Referred Contacts tab contains the name, address, and contact method of each of the referred parties in this record.

Referred Contacts

You can click the contact name to open the contact record details, send them an email to the contact by clicking the Send Email icon Send Email Icon, or delete the referred contact from the referral record by clicking the Delete Contact icon Delete Icon.

Note: Each Referral Record must contain at least one contact. You cannot delete the last remainding contact from a referral record.

Referring Party

The Referring Party tab contains information about the contact who is acting as either the receiving party or the referring party for the current referral record. The information contained in the Referring Party tab is not restricted to the current referral record, but is instead a compilation of statistics and contact records which span every referral record between you and the referring party.

Referring Party

The Referring Party tab contains two subtabs: Statistics and History of Referred Contacts. The Statistics tab contains a statistical breakdown of this contact’s referral history and their rank among other referring parties. The History tab allows you to view the complete history of contacts that you have sent to and received from the current referring party, along with the fees associated with them.


The activities tab allows you to view all of the activities applied to all parties associated with this referral record. The activity list shown here is the same as what is displayed within the Activities Tab in the Contact Record of each party, and has the same features and functionality.


The Show: menu at the top right allows you to select which contact’s activities to display. You can also add a new activity or action plan using the links at the bottom.

Note: The activities shown in the list are associated with the contact records included in the referral record. They are not associated with the referral itself. Any changes made to the activities within the referral record will take effect within the contact record.

Notes tab

Use the notes tab to enter any additional information you’d like to include in this referral.


To add a note, type your message in the New Note field, and click Save Note. Notes created here are stored as part of the referral record, and not as part of any of the referral contact records.

Log in to edit a referral.

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