Top Producer® 8i CRM: Mass Deleting Contacts

WARNING: When you click the option to delete contacts, the Delete Contact confirmation dialog box appears. Read the contents of the dialog box carefully to ensure that you understand the full effect of deleting a contact. Deleting contacts cannot be undone.

Mass deletions are performed by identifying the contacts you want to delete, and then confirming that you want to delete them. You should always take care whenever performing bulk actions on your contact records, since changes cannot be reversed and all items linked to those contacts (such as activities, listings, closings, and properties) are also permanently deleted.

Tip: For details on deleting a single contact, see Deleting a Single Contact.

To delete multiple contact records:

  1. From the Main Menu bar, go to Contacts > Search for Contacts.
  2. Perform a search to find the records you want to delete.  For more information about performing a search, read the article Searching For Contacts or Advanced Search.
  3. From the Search Results table, use the check boxes to select the contact records you want to delete, or select the check box in the table header to select every contact record in the search result set.


  4. Click the Delete action link located in the bottom right corner.

    Note: If you are a member of a team and do not see the Delete action link, you have not been given permission to delete contacts. Ask your team leader or account administrator to check your permissions under My Account > Team Members.

  5. WARNING: When the Delete Contact confirmation dialog box appears, read the contents of the dialog box carefully to ensure that you understand the full effects of deleting the contacts. Deleting contacts cannot be undone. Click the Yes button if you would like to delete your contacts permanently. The contacts and all their associated records will then be deleted.

Log in to mass delete contacts.

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