Top Producer® 8i CRM: Adding Contacts

Regardless of what stage your sales opportunities are in, entering as much information as possible will help you later in the sales cycle. Whether you’re entering a new lead or a long-time client, the process is the same. The only difference is the status you apply that determines where a lead or contact is in the lead lifecycle.


To add a contact, go to Contacts > Add Contact.


  1. To track where your sales opportunities are in their lead life cycle, select a status.

    • If entering a lead, select a status of New (haven’t yet contacted) or Engage (contacted, but not yet qualified).
    • If entering a contact, select Future (long-term opportunity), Active (short-term opportunity) or Closed (completed transaction). If the contact is not a client (for example, an inspector or lawyer), select Non Client. If this person is not a current opportunity, choose the Inactive status.

    Tip: Assigning statuses helps you clearly define where leads are in their lifecycle, enabling you to easily address the unique needs of each stage from the Sales Pipeline.

  2. Assigning at least one contact type is crucial to all of the targeted marketing concepts in Top Producer CRM. If you categorize your contacts in as many ways as you can, you’ll be able to perform searches that generate lists of contacts for targeted marketing purposes.
  3. If entering a lead, enter where the lead came from (for example, an ad or website).
  4. Assign an action plan to automatically schedule a series of follow-up activities, making it easy for you to ensure regular contact.
  5. If entering a lead, enter values in these fields to help you determine how close they are to buying or selling a home.
  6. Entering details about their preferences for a future home will help you perform effective searches in your MLS later in the sales cycle.

Log in to add contacts.

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