Top Producer® 8i CRM: Refreshing your Prospect List

Your Prospect List is refreshed when you apply or add a custom rule. In addition, contacts that you manually add to your Prospect List appear immediately in the list. However, those added because they match criteria you have applied will not appear in the list until you refresh it. It is recommended that you refresh your Prospect List frequently to ensure the list is current and accurate.

Note: Depending on the time of day and how many lists are currently being processed, refreshing your list may take some time. If there is a delay in processing your request, the list will be unavailable and the word “Refreshing” appears in the top right. During this time, you can still work in Top Producer CRM and check back periodically to see if your list has been processed.

How to Refresh your Prospect List

  1. From the main menu, hover over the Calendar menu and click Prospect List.


  2. At the top right of the Prospects area click the Refresh List icon refresh_prospect_list. Your Prospect List is now updated.
  3. The last time it was refreshed appears on the Prospect List screen to the left of the refresh icon.


  4. The Reason column will indicate why each prospect was included in the list.


Log in to refresh your Prospect List.

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