If you’ve reviewed the default actions plans and feel none of them suit your needs, you can create new action plans from scratch. New plans are created from the Plans Manager page, which can be accessed by going to the Calendar main menu icon and clicking Plans Manager.

  1. Click the Create Plan link at the bottom of the Plans Manager page.


  2. Give your plan a descriptive name to help differentiate it from your other plans.
  3. Choose Action Plan from the Type of Plan drop-down list.
  4. Enter a description for your plan. This will display in the list of plans and helps you determine the purpose of the plan when reviewing it in the future.
  5. Click the Save & View Plan button to start adding action plan activities.


  6. Click the Add Activity link to add your first activity step.
  7. The Add Activity form opens. Add activity details just as you would for a copied default action plan.

Login to create a new action plan.