Market Snapshot® Reports: Listing Alerts

You already know what your clients are looking for and you’re sending Market Snapshots based on this info. Wouldn’t it be great if your clients are notified when things change in the areas they’re interested in? That’s what we’ve done! Whenever we find out about a new listing, a price change, or a sold listing, an alert is automatically sent on your behalf so they’ll hear about it from you!

You have 2 options for sending alerts—as they happen or once daily

You can either send alerts the minute they happen, or you can send a summary email once a day that contains all of the new listing, price change and sold alerts that have occurred in the last 24 hours. The examples below show you the up-to-the-minute alerts, but if you’d rather send a summary email once a day, see the 2nd FAQ below for more details.

What the listing alerts look like

When a new listing comes on the market, there’s a price change, or a listing is sold, if the listing matches what they’re looking for, clients will be sent an email that looks like this:

Listing alert email


They can click for more details (by clicking the address or More Details link), which displays a Listing Details page with property features, school information and more!

Listing details page

Note that the below screenshot doesn’t show all of the details included on the Listing details page. For a complete list, see the 6th FAQ below.



Will all of my clients receive listing alerts automatically?

All Market Snapshots you create will send alerts if you so choose when you create the Market Snapshot.

Here’s an example of where to find these settings when creating a Market Snapshot:


Choose the type of alert to send: Just Listed, Price Change, Just Sold, or any combination of the three.

Can I send a daily summary email instead of sending up-to-the-minute alerts as they happen?

Yes, if you prefer sending alerts once a day, you can send a summary email that contains all of the market activity for the last 24 hours.

The summary email looks like this:

summary email

And if they click to see more details, they’ll see this landing page:

landing page

For details on how to send alerts once a day, see the next FAQ.

How do I set how often I want to send alerts?

Go to Settings > Market Snapshot.

alert settings

Can I send listing alerts for both basic and advanced snapshots?

Yes! Regardless of whether you send a basic snapshot or an advanced one (i.e. you specified advanced search criteria when you created it), you can send listing alerts to your clients. See the above FAQ for details on who will receive the alerts and how to change the settings.

Can my clients change the info their Market Snapshot and listing alerts are based on?

Yes! If they’re receiving listing alerts, they just have to click in the initial listing alert email they receive to see additional details in their browser (shown below) > then click Settings in the top right!


They can update their existing criteria, or receive additional snapshots/alerts based on the info they enter.

Are listing alerts available to all Market Snapshot users, regardless of the MLS they're using?

Currently listing alerts aren’t available to those in Canada (we’re working on it though).

And for those using REIN MLS, we turned alerts off (per MLS request).

What listing changes will they be notified of, and what listing details will they be able to see?

Whenever a new listing comes on the market, an existing listing’s price changes, or a listing is sold, the client will be notified (only if a listing matches what they’re looking for, of course).

If they click in the initial email to see more details, they’ll see lots of info, including complete property details, a street view, schools in the catchment area, and a comparison of the home against averages in the zip code.

Can I just send listing alerts to my clients, or do they have to receive a Market Snapshot too?

Currently your clients need to be receiving Market Snapshots in order to receive listing alerts. There’s no way to send just listing alerts at this time.

Can my clients stop receiving listing alerts if they want to?

Absolutely. Each listing alert email contains a link so they can unsubscribe from receiving future listing alerts.


How do you know which listings to send? I want to make sure my clients are only receiving details that are relevant.

We look at the criteria you entered when you created their Market Snapshot. This criteria includes the zip code, price, property type and the number of bedrooms/bathrooms. We’ll only send alerts for listings that match this criteria.

Can I control which alerts are sent to the client?

You bet! When creating a snapshot, just select the alerts you want to send in the Listing Alerts section.

Here’s an example of where to find these settings when creating a Market Snapshot:


Choose the type of alert to send: Just Listed, Price Change, Just Sold, or any combination of the three.

I don't want to send listing alerts to my clients. How do I stop them?

To stop sending listing alerts to a client, stop the Market Snapshot report that is generating them. Go to the Market Snapshot tab of a contact record in Top Producer® X CRM and click Stop next to the report. You can then create a new report for the client with different listing alert settings.

And if you don’t want to send alerts for future snapshots, just go to Settings > Market Snapshot > then clear the alerts in the Listing Alert Settings section. Any future snapshots you create will have listing alerts turned off by default.


How long will it take for them to receive the alert once a listing changes?

If you’ve selected to send a summary email instead of up-to-the-minute alerts, obviously they’ll receive one email every 24 hours.

If you’ve selected to send alerts as they happen, we do our best to send new listing or price change alerts immediately. The longest it’ll take would be about 30 minutes. Sold alerts are dependent on two things—your MLS and how quickly the agent updates it in the MLS. Most alerts are sent immediately, just like the new listing/price change alerts. However, there are some cases where we don’t immediately get notified when a property is sold.  We try to keep that duration to a minimum, but it can vary from a few hours to a couple of days. Again, this is dependent on your MLS and most alerts are immediate!

Who will the alert appear to be from?

You! The From field in the listing alert emails display the email address you entered in your acocunt (Settings > My Information). And of course your picture and contact information appear in every alert we send.


Can I see how many alerts I'm sending and how many are being viewed?

Yes! Each week we’ll send you a summary report that details how many alerts and snapshots you’ve sent and how many of your clients have viewed them. We’ll automatically send it to the email address you entered in your Agent Profile so you don’t have to do a thing. To learn more about the weekly summary report, see Your Weekly Market Snapshot Report.

Can I view the Listing Alerts that have been sent to a contact and whether they've opened them?

You’ll be able to view all the Listing Alert events from the Notifications tab in the Top Producer® 8i CRM contact record. Click any of the links to see the alerts you sent.


Log in to manage your listing alert settings.

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