The Listings Manager allows you to add, remove, import, edit, and configure settings for your Listings. The listings added to the Listings Manager can be displayed on a Listings Page on your site.

To access the Listings Manager, click Listings in the main menu of the Website Control Panel.

Image - Listings Menu Icon

The Listings Manager consists of four sections: a list of Listings currently added to your site, the Add Listing and Import Listings options, Global Listing Settings, and Send Lead Forms To.

Website Listings

Image - List of Listings

This area allows you to edit each of the listings on your site, and configure their display options.

  • View/Edit: This link will open a Listing for editing, where you can change all of the listing information, add a Virtual Tour, and insert links for file downloads.
  • Delete: This option will delete the Listing from your site. Please note that deletion is permanent.
  • Manage Photos: Opens the Listing Photos Manager, where you can add and remove photos, and create Photo Captions.
  • Featured Listing: When this option is selected, the Listing will become available to view in the Featured Listings Web Box, which either displays one Listing or a Slideshow of all Featured Listings.
  • Just Listed: When this option is selected, a Just Listed indicator will appear when viewing the Listing.

Add or Import Listings

Image - Add or Import Listings

Clicking the Add Listing button will allow you Manually Add a Listing. Clicking the Import Listings button will allow you to Import Listings from your Top Producer account.

Global Listing Settings

The settings in this section will apply to all listings on your site.

Image - Global Listing Settings

  • Hide Address on all Listings: If this option is selected, no Listing Addresses will be displayed on your site. If this option is not selected, you can still hide an address for a specific listing by clicking the View/Edit link to edit the Listing.
  • Show Community Information Link on All Listings: If enabled, a link to view Community Information will be available when a visitor views the details of a listing. Clicking the link will display a map of the area along with community statistics, amenties, and School Information. This feature is only available for U.S. listings.
  • Show lead form before displaying listing details: If enabled, a lead form will be displayed before a visitor will be able to view Listing Details. Whent he vistior enters their information and submits the form, the details will be displayed. You may select from one of the default lead forms, or a lead form you have previously created for your site.

    Note: If you are using the mobile-friendly templates, the “Show Community Information Link on All Listings” and “Show lead form before displaying listing details” functionalities are unavailable.

Send Lead Forms To:

While viewing listing details on your website, your visitors are offered the option to schedule an appointment to view the property, or to request more information on the listing. When they click on the respective links, they are prompted to complete a form that will provide you with your visitors’ contact information. Depending on your settings, each visitor’s contact information (lead) is sent to either your Top Producer account or to an email address.

Note: The Lead Forms referred to in this section are specific to the Schedule Appointment and Request More Info links available in the listing details. They do not apply to the lead form you may have selected within the Global Listing Settings.

Image - Send Lead Forms

If you Website is integrated with Top Producer, you can specify whether you want your Schedule An Appointment and Request More Info leads to be sent to your Top Producer account, to an email address, or both. If they are not integrated, the leads will be automatically sent to the email address specified in the Email Address field.

Once finished making changes to the settings on this page, click the OK button to save.