The first step to create a hyperlinked image in a Website is to upload the photo to your site using the Image Manager.

When creating content, click the Image Manager icon in the editor toolbar.


This will display a list of all the photos that have been uploaded to the website in the past. If using a new image, click the Upload Image tab at the top:


Click the Browse button, and locate the image on your computer that you wish to upload.  Once selected, click the Upload button to start transferring the image to your website.


On the Browse Files tab, the uploaded image will appear.
Choose the image to insert, and click the Insert button. The photo will be inserted into the page you are creating, and it is now possible to add a hyperlink.


Click the image to select it, then click the Hyperlink Manager icon, shown below:


In the URL field, enter the website address to which the image should link. If you would like the new page to open in a separate window or tab, make sure that the Target is set to New Window.


Click OK when finished. The image now has a hyperlink associated with it, and you can compose the rest of the page content. When finished, save the page.

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