You can add additional content to your Web pages by creating web boxes. They can include informational text, such as buying and mortgage tips, or quick links, such as your top 5 listings. Web boxes provide your website visitors easy access to additional information without navigating to another web page.

Watch the Video:

  1. From the main menu click Edit Site, or choose Edit My Site from the Quick Tools section of the main page. The Website Manager window opens.
  2. Click Manage My Web Boxes. The Web Box Manager window opens.
  3. From the Add a New Web Box section click on the type of web box you’d like to create.

    Image - Creating A Web Box

    Choose from a variety of pre-made web boxes for particular functions, or select Custom Message to add personalized text to a web page.

    Tip: To learn more about the different types of web boxes click the Image -   Creating A Web Box next to the web box name.

  4. The Web Box window opens. Give the web box a name, and place a checkmark beside Display title if you’d like the title to show on your website.
  5. Add any additional information, depending on the type of web box selected. Some examples of additional information to add are:
    • Links List – click the Add Link button to create a list of links to pages from your site or any page on the Internet.
    • Featured Listing – select what listing details you’d like to display and the number of listings.
    • Custom Message – create a customized text message to appear on a web page.
    • RSS Feed – provide a link to an RSS feed.
    • Top Producer IDX – ensure your Top Producer IDX account information is correct.
    • Open House Calendar – select what listing details you’d like to display.
    • Weather – provide city, state/province, and country location information.

      Note: If you are using the mobile-friendly templates, this web box is unavailable.

  6. Click OK once you are done creating the web box.