Top Producer® 8i CRM: Sending Out Your Marketing Message

Top Producer CRM provides you with a variety of ways to search for contacts and send out your marketing message.

Sending Out Correspondences to One Contact

You can either create an activity or compose an email to send out your marketing message to individual contacts.

Using Templates with Activities

  1. Use the Contacts Look-up tool or the Contacts Summary page to find and open the desired contact.
  2. From the Contact Details form, go to the Activities tab and click the Add Activity link to create a new activity already linked to the contact.
  3. Choose the appropriate activity type, then select the category and template from the Template segment.
  4. Click the Add Activity button to save the activity.

Using Email Templates with the Mass Email Tool

  1. From the Email main menu icon click ComposeMass Email to open the Compose Mass Email window.
  2. Drag and drop a contact from the Contacts Look-up tool into the To field, add your subject and email body.
  3. Click the Change Template link to specify an email library category and template.
  4. Click the Apply Template button to save your changes.
  5. Click the Send Email button to send out the email.

Sending Out Correspondences for Multiple Contacts

The Search for Contacts feature in Top Producer CRM allows you to target specific groups of contacts who fit a particular marketing message.

  1. From the main menu, select Contacts and then click Search for Contacts.
  2. The Search for Contacts form opens. From the Quick Search tab, enter your search criteria in the fields, such as Contact Type or Zip.


  3. Click the Search button. Contacts that match your search criteria are displayed on the Search Results page.
  4. Select your contacts by placing a check mark beside the contact’s name.

    Note: Select all contacts by clicking the check box in the column header.

  5. Click the Email link to create an email using the Mass Email feature. You can use an email template, insert merge codes, or insert a marketing link.
  6. Click the Schedule Activity link to create an activity. If you create an email, letter, postcard, label, or envelope activity, you can specify a template to use.

Before you print out your letters or send out emails, it’s a good idea to preview the template with merged contact data to ensure you have correct contact information. If you find errors, you’ll need to close the preview page, return to the activity and click the contact’s name to open the contact record and make any necessary changes.

Click the View Emails button on the Compose Mass Email form for emails, or the View link on an activity form.

Log in to send out your marketing message.

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