Top Producer® 8i CRM: Viewing Default Letter Templates

To view default letter templates, click the Marketing main menu icon to open the Marketing landing page. From the Letters category, click the Letter Library link. A list of default templates opens.

Image - Letter Library

You’ll notice that many of the letter categories include the word plan at the end of their names, such as the 10-Year after sale prospecting plan. Any categories with the word plan at the end of its name means it’s linked to the corresponding action plan with the same name. Therefore, by selecting the 10-Year after sale prospecting plan category from the Show Category drop-down list, you’ll see all the letter templates that are used in activities for that action plan.

Opening a Letter Template

To open a letter template simply click on a template name. The template opens in edit mode.


Important: At this point you are viewing a default letter that cannot be edited. If you make changes to the template and click Save, you will be prompted to rename the template and save it to a personal letter category, which creates a new template – leaving the default template un-altered.

If you would like to preview the template, click the Preview button. When you preview a template it opens a new window or tab that contains a PDF version of the letter, and it shows not only the prewritten body text, but also sample contact information, so you get the full sense of how the finished document will look. While you can save or print the previewed letter, it will contain the “sample” watermaks visible on the screen.

Log in to view default letter templates.

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